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WTB TCS 2.0 pláštedichtmittel

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237ml 43280007 13,17€
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473ml 43280008 18,25€
Číslo výrobku výrobce W095-0097
118ml 43280006 7,02€
Číslo výrobku výrobce W095-0095
946ml 43280009 18,20€
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The sealing milk for demanding tubeless bikers

WTB has invested a lot so that the focus is simply on biking. Their own claim was no less than to deliver the best sealant with the TCS tire sealant when it comes to the quick and reliable repair of holes with a diameter of up to 6mm. The tire sealant from WTB is optimally matched to the other WTB tubeless components.

The last piece of the puzzle

The formula

The TCS Tubeless tire sealant is optimized for use at temperatures as low as -9.4 ° C (15 ° F). And deliberately not for even more extreme temperatures: The amount of frost protection in the sealant is reduced, while the amount of synthetic latex is increased. Synthetic: Exactly - that reduces the risk of allergies. What else was left out: ammonia. The WTB Sealant scores particularly well in wet, adverse conditions in which thickening is difficult due to evaporation.

The result

The focus on details and the requirements of the WTB developers are redefining Sealant. WTB's unique formula quickly and permanently repairs punctures up to 6mm by encapsulating and curing silica particles within the hole to create a flexible, long-lasting repair.

The dosage

The TCS Tubeless tire sealant is available in four sizes: A 118ml or 237ml bottle is sufficient for mounting up to four tires. The larger bottles with a content of 473ml and 946ml are ideal for the hobby workshop and use in the bike shop. All bottles are provided with a scale that makes it easy to read how much sealant has been filled into the tire.


  • Tubeless Sealant from the tubeless experts
  • Unique formula - closes holes up to 6mm in size quickly and reliably
  • Flexible, long-lasting repair
  • Effect of the sealant down to -9.4 ° C
  • Made with synthetic latex to minimize allergic reactions
  • Recommended filling quantity (per tire)
    Road / Gravel (up to 50mm): 60 - 120ml
    MTB (2.00 - 2.50``): 90 - 150ml
    MTB (2.60 - 4.00``): 120 - 180ml

Technologies used

In this chapter we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

TCS (Tubeless Compatible System
TCS is WTB's standardized tubeless rim / tire system that meets the international ETRTO standards and is one of the most reliable tubeless systems on the market. TCS tire sealant is an integral part of the TC system because it creates an airtight seal that also improves driving performance and prevents breakdowns.

scope of delivery

  • 1 x WTB TCS 2.0 tire sealant (see item description for details)
WTB TCS 2.0 pláštedichtmittel 237ml
WTB TCS 2.0 pláštedichtmittel 473ml
WTB TCS 2.0 pláštedichtmittel 118ml
WTB TCS 2.0 pláštedichtmittel 946ml
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