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NoTubes Tubeless sada MTB do ráfku

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21mm páska 45990541 27,35€
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25mm páska 45990542 27,35€
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The NoTubes tubeless kit for mountain bikes

Everything you need to convert to tubeless in one kit.

Reliable, safe and proven

Stan's NoTubes Tire Sealant

Just two ounces of Stan's sealant in a converted standard or tubeless tire can fix punctures up to 1/4 inch (6.5mm) almost instantly. Stan's Tire Sealant is made to stay liquid for up to seven months even in thin-walled tires. Dry and cold conditions require more frequent checks of the sealant level. However, with antifreeze in the special formula, Stan's Tire Sealant can be used at temperatures as low as -20 ° F. It is also very economical: half a liter is enough for up to 8 tires.

Stan's NoTubes Rim Tape - tubeless rim tape

Stan's Yellow Tape is designed for use with tubeless-enabled rims. When you're inflating your tires to 45 psi or less, a layer of yellow tape in the bed of your rim is all you need for most rims. Tubeless road tires and similar tires that require pressures greater than 45 psi require double tape wrap.

Stan's NoTubes Valve Stem - tubeless valve

The original and still best tubeless valve for most rims and a perfect fit for all BST rim models from NoTubes. Robust brass construction. The removable valve core makes it easy to add sealant. Fits up to 8mm valve bore.


  • Application: MTB
  • Sealing milk permanently closes holes up to 6.5 mm
  • Shelf life / effectiveness of the sealing liquid: 2-7 months (depending on the area of application)
  • Quantity: 200ml, sufficient for approx. 2 tire fillings (each 59 ml, for tires with a width of 1.0-2.4 inches)
  • Premium formula with low viscosity resists freezing
  • Made from natural materials - safe for the environment
  • Robust and reliable tubeless valve suitable for almost all rims
  • Valve type: Sclaverand, 44 mm (French, Presta)
  • Rim tape length: 9 m (sufficient for 2 rims)
  • Filling possible via valves with a screw-off valve insert
  • Compatible with tubular tires
  • Rim tape creates a permanent, airtight seal over spoke holes
  • Tubeless rim tape made of natural rubber sticks where and when you want, but leaves no residue

Recommended rim tape width: 27mm for rims with 25-27mm inner rim width

scope of delivery

  • 1 x NoTubes Yellow Rim Tape rim tape (width see variants)
  • 2 x NoTubes tubeless valve brass silver 44 mm
  • 1 x NoTubes Tire Sealant tire sealant (200ml)
NoTubes Tubeless sada MTB 21mm páska do ráfku
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