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Hope Union Gravity Klick-pedály

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New UNION clipless pedals

The new mechanism makes it easy to click in, but it holds the cleat in place while the click out remains very positive. The double click mechanism allows the front part to move when it is clicked into place, reducing the force required to click into place and allowing a shallower angle at the point of contact between the shoe and the pedal. The angle for the entrance of the cleat is larger and the front side of the shoe sole remains closer to the pedal body for more stability. Clicking out feels positive and consistent thanks to the support of solid pins. The Hope mechanism uses a unique cleat that cannot be combined with other systems.

All pedals come with two cleat options. The plate labeled 4 has 4 degrees of free movement and a 12 degree click angle, while the plate 5 of course has 5 degrees of free movement and a 13 degree click angle. Both cleats also move 2mm sideways.

The pedal bodies are CNC machined from aluminum and there are three different models. All bodies are designed for maximum contact with the shoe or the cleat in order to guarantee improved stability and power transmission. The pedals feel very stable under the shoe thanks to the additional contact with the pedal body.

Union RC - Race Clip, small contact area for reduced weight.

Union TC - Trail Clip, larger contact area with 4 pins per side for increased contact with the shoe sole and greater stability that is required by the more aggressive rider.

Union GC - Gravity Clip, large contact area with either 7 pins per side or additional plates for maximum contact between shoe and pedal and therefore optimal stability.

The components of the click mechanism are made of stainless steel so that they cannot corrode and look good for longer. The cleats are also made of stainless steel for durability and to preserve the look. All three pedals use the proven inner workings of the F20 pedals - three industrial bearings and a Norglide bushing, which ensures low maintenance and less resistance. The pedals can of course also be disassembled.


  • Double click mechanism for easy clicking in, secure holding of the cleat and positive, consistent clicking out
  • Double sided
  • Stainless steel cleats and click mechanism
  • 2 different cleats, each with 4 or 5 degrees of free movement and 12 or 13 degrees click angle
  • Large contact surface with either 7 pins per side or additional plates for maximum contact between shoe and pedal and therefore optimal stability
  • Additional plates available for the Union GC for maximum contact between shoe and pedal
  • 3 industrial bearings and a Norglide bushing ensure low maintenance and less resistance
  • Pedals are easily disassembled and assembled
  • Shaft made from heat-treated, coated Cr-Mo steel
  • Titan axles can be retrofitted

Technical specification

Specification description
Area of application All mountain / enduro / trail / downhill
Type Clipless pedals
Material pedal body CNC milled
Material pedal plate stainless steel
Material pedal axis Coated Cr-Mo steel
Q factor 55mm
Release angle 12 ° / 13 °
Angular freedom 4 ° / 5 °
Pins 7 per side
weight approx 498g

scope of delivery

  • 1 pair of Hope Union Gravity click pedals (see item description for details)
Hope Union Gravity Klick-pedály blue
Hope Union Gravity Klick-pedály black
Hope Union Gravity Klick-pedály orange
Hope Union Gravity Klick-pedály red
Hope Union Gravity Klick-pedály silver
Hope Union Gravity Klick-pedály purple
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