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RockShox ZEB Select RC 27.5" odpružená vidlice DebonAir Tapered Boost 190mm 15x110mm 38mm Offset diffusion black A1

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RockShox ZEB Select RC 27.5" odpružená vidlice DebonAir Tapered Boost 190mm 15x110mm 38mm Offset diffusion black A1 22630620 534,79€
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ZEB Select

ZEB Select features an all-new stiff 38mm chassis designed with the Charger RC damper, DebonAir™ air spring technology, SKF Wiper Seals, and Maxima Plush Fluid. A whole new breed of fork, designed to challenge whatever limits you find.


  • Nww 38mm chassis for increased stiffness and rider confidence
  • Highly-tunable DebonAir™ air spring offers a buttery smooth feel off the top and maintains a higher ride height for increased confidence in steep terrain
  • Charger Technology – The Charger™ RC damper features easy to adjust low speed compression and rebound
  • Ultra-low friction SKF wiper seals provide long lasting fork performance and improve overall suspension feel
  • Maxima Plush damping fluid reduces friction and silences damper noise
  • Short fender compatible (RockShox Short fender sold separately)


Suitable forEnduro
Product lineSelect
Wheel size27.5''
Travel160mm / 170mm / 180mm / 190mm
Offset38mm / 44mm
Axial system15x110mm, Boost
SuspensionDebonAir (Luft)
DampingCharger RC
Volume spacer2/5 / 1/4 / 0/4 / 0/4
Pressure stageLow Speed
spring rateüber Luftdruck
Travel adjustmentNein
Remote LeverNein
Steerer1 1/8 - 1.5" Tapered
Steerer diameter28.6mm
Steerer taper40mm
Steerer length557mm / 567mm / 577mm / 587mm
Fork crownForged hollow Aluminium
Stanchion tube38mm, Aluminium
Lowers tubeMagnesium
Brake mountPM8 (200mm), max. 220mm
Maximum tire clearance2.8'' (max. 81mm)
Weightca. 2284g / ca. 2268g / ca. 2252g / ca. 2251g


DebonAir - Trusted performancewhen things get steep and technical
The highly tunable DebonAir™ air spring is ready for whatever the trail demands. Buttery smooth feel off the top, now optimized to maintain higher ride height to add more confidence on technical terrain. Building on the updated DebonAir air spring found in Pike and Lyrik, ZEB features additional negative volume for an even more DH-like ride.

Bottomless Tokens
Bottomless Tokens allow you to easily custom tune your air-spring performance to best match your riding style and suspension preference. Adding the easy-to-install Bottomless Tokens changes the air-spring curve to resist bottom-out after a big hit, giving aggressive riders the power to attack the trail harder. Removing Bottomless Tokens makes the air-spring curve more linear, enhancing suspension feel for certain types of terrain or trail condition and ensuring riders who are less front-end aggressive benefit from 100% of their fork’s travel.

Charger 2.1 - take back control
Designed to reduce hand fatigue and fight unwanted friction, Charger 2.1 increases confidence and control over every trail. The Charger 2.1 RC2 was fitted to ZEB’s 38mm chassis and features independent high and low speed compression adjust.

BOOST is the standard wheel and drivetrain specification that opens the opportunity for improved frame geometry with shorter chain stays, wider and stiffer suspension pivots, wider range of chainring options, as well as more clearance for bigger tires and wider, stiffer wheels.

SAG Gradients
Measurement gradients indicating the current sag and travel settings are conveniently located on the upper tubes so that you always know how much travel you are running. You won’t find this anywhere else but RockShox.

Maxima Plush Fluid
Developed with the world's fastest racers, on the world's toughest circuits. Maxima Plush Fluid is designed to protect from suspension wear, reduce friction, and silence damper noise while maintaining a consistent feel in all temperatures.

SKF Wiper Seals
Friction down, dirt out. Everyone loves a good collaboration, which is why they’ve been working with SKF, the world’s highest-performance seal manufacturer, for over five years. Together they provide ultra-low friction wiper seals, less fatigue, and unmatched suspension feel, all while keeping the dirt where it belongs. Because no one wants dirt in there.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x RockShox ZEB Select RC DebonAir 27.5'' E-MTB suspension fork (see item description for details)
  • 1 x fender
  • 1 x star nut
  • 1 x maxle stealth
  • 2 x bottomless tokens
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