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SRAM X0 Disc zadní náboj 9x135mm / 12x142mm black/red

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11-/12rychlost/í 28 Loch XD volnobeh/u 44200389 283,59€
Číslo výrobku výrobce 00.2018.006.008
9-/10rychlost/í 32 Loch XD volnobeh/u 44200391 333,92€
Číslo výrobku výrobce 00.2018.006.010
9-/10-/11rychlost/í 32 Loch SRAM/Shimano volnobeh/u 44200387 290,91€
Číslo výrobku výrobce 00.2018.006.006
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Reliable mountain bike hub with high compatibility

The X0 hubs are compatible with different systems and can be perfectly matched to your bike.


  • Tapered aluminum axle
  • Weight: approx. 250g (rear)
  • Material: Tapered aluminum axle
  • Disc mount: IS (6-hole)


Double Time™ This straight 4-pawl design gives a 26-tooth chainring a whopping 52 points of contact. The result: a smooth 6.9 degrees of movement with no reduction in tooth size or misalignment of internal geometry - for tremendous long-term durability.

Seeker™ Flanges are 3D forged and machined for maximum strength and low weight. Since they are bent towards the rim, the tensioned spokes are already fully aligned. The result: fewer damaged spoke heads and better overall durability.

Side Swap™ Swap axles has never been easier. Unthreaded side caps can be installed and replaced by hand without tools. The symmetrical SIDE SWAP side caps can be mounted on both sides. The left side cap is identical to the right - so you don't have to check which cap goes where.

Speedball™ The only necessary settings have already been made at the factory. Every part of the ball bearing comes from the exact same supplier, meaning each bearing bore can be precisely matched to the race. With such a tight tolerance range, the days of having to adjust the clearance after every ride are over.

XD Driver Body XD is a driver body design that allows the use of the SRAM 1X™ 10-42 cassette and improves contact with the cassette.

scope of delivery

1 x SRAM X0 Disc Rear Hub

        SRAM X0 Disc zadní náboj 11-/12rychlost/í 9x135mm / 12x142mm 28 Loch SRAM XD volnobeh/u black/red
        SRAM X0 Disc zadní náboj 9-/10-/11rychlost/í 9x135mm / 12x142mm 32 Loch SRAM/Shimano volnobeh/u black/red
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