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SRAM XX SL Eagle AXS Transmission Schaltgruppe 1x12

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The top for cross country bikes

The XX SL Transmission is the further development of the XX Eagle AXS, which is used by world champions and world cup winners. It was designed to meet the needs of the most demanding riders in the lightest configuration.

The new XX SL Eagle Transmission rear derailleur is more robust thanks to SRAM's interface without a derailleur hanger and features well-known technologies such as its overload clutch and the AXS coupling process. The new XX SL Transmission cassette is one of the main reasons why Eagle Transmission offers the best shifting characteristics under load. Thanks to its X-SYNC design, it shifts better the harder you pedal.

In addition to the X-SYNC technology and the redesigned gear steps, it is also SRAM's lightest Eagle cassette. The XX SL Transmission cranks are still the lightest ISO-proven cranks on the market and feature the remarkable new XX SL Eagle Transmission (T-Type) direct-mount chainring, which ensures maximum stiffness.

Specifically designed to optimize Eagle transmission, the XX SL Eagle Transmission Flattop chain has a unique flat top. This shape not only maximizes shifting performance and robustness, but also gives your superbike a contemporary look.

The AXS Pod Ultimate features a two-button "click and fire" design, turning every command from the rider into a much more personalized experience for all your AXS controls.


  • Leading shifting components for modern XC bikes
  • Available in different crank arm lengths
  • Processing of high-quality carbon and aluminum materials
  • Innovative AXS technology
  • The XS-1299 Eagle chain offers a gradation from 10 to 52 teeth
  • The crank is fitted with a 34-tooth chainring ex works, other configurations are optionally available

scope of delivery

  • 1 x SRAM XX SL Eagle AXS transmission switching group (see item description for details)
  • 1 x XX SL Eagle Transmission crankset
  • 1 x XX SL Eagle Transmission AXS rear derailleur
  • 1x XS-1299 Eagle Transmission Cassette
  • 1 x XX SL Eagle Transmission chain
  • 1 x Eagle AXS Pod Ultimate Controller
  • 1 x eTap AXS battery
  • 1 x eTap AXS charger
SRAM XX SL Eagle AXS Transmission Schaltgruppe 1x12 175mm
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