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SRAM NX Eagle DUB 1x12 Schaltgruppe

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SRAM NX Eagle DUB complete set with 12-speed drive

Eagle ™ technology has revolutionized mountain biking. Developed as a specific 1-speed drive, it is lightweight, robust, intuitive to use and has the right translation bandwidth for any terrain. The NX Eagle ™ drives is the latest addition to Eagle ™ 1-up ecosystem and because he shares the same technologies with the drives of the XX1, X01 and GX Eagle ™ groups, it is within the Eagle ™ Ecosystems also 100 percent compatible. With NX Eagle ™, entering the Eagle ™ Ecosystem is easier than ever - allowing even more riders to experience the translation bandwidth and performance of Eagle ™.

12-speed drive for everyone

trigger switch

The new NX Eagle ™ trigger switch allows intuitive gear selection and optimal use of the widely translated Eagle ™ cartridge. With the large translation bandwidth, you'll never have to worry about having the right gear for the terrain. NX Eagle ™ means intuitive shifting for every type of driver. The Eagle ™ technology has made shifting even gentler and more precise, creating an exceptionally reliable system. Compatible with Matchmaker ™ X.


-Zero Loss

-MatchMaker ™ X Compatible

-Weight: 112g


The NX Eagle ™ switch utilizes the proven, one-of-a-kind SRAM X-HORIZON ™ design. The larger, lower rear derailleur roller with 14 teeth provides the capacity required for Eagle ™ cartridges (10-50 or 11-50 tooth) and contributes to the silky smooth operation of the NX Eagle. The Type-3 ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH ™ vibration damping ensures a constant, quiet and reliable switching performance.




-Self-Locking Eagle ™ Fascia Fitting

-Special Eagle ™ Roller Switches

- Shorter switching operations

-Weight: 339g


With the NX Eagle PG-1230 Eagle ™ Cassette and its 11-50 teeth, every trail and terrain is open to you. The NX cassette offers the rider the same climbing gears as the rest of the Eagle ™ Ecosystem and fits on any wheel with MTB 9/10 freewheel body (standard Shimano / SRAM freewheel). The PG-1230 is the first Eagle ™ cassette to be designed to handle the high demands of E-MTBs right from the start. The perfect choice for any application where raw power is at work.

-Compatible with standard MTB 8-, 9- and 10-speed freewheel bodies

Grading: 11-50 teeth

-Perfect translation bandwidth

-X-GLIDE ™ 2

-Weight: 615g


The X-SYNC 2 ™ Eagle ™ Chainrings are simply unbeatable. SRAM engineers have studied the performance and wear of thousands of X-SYNC ™ chainrings. Chainrings of all sizes were subjected to all kinds of stresses, both in the test lab and in the field. The goal was a chainring that boosts the performance of Eagle ™ assemblies under all conditions of use. The result: The sprocket teeth are longer and shaped like a saw blade to perfectly fit into the Eagle ™ chain. SRAM's chainring thus increases the chain tension and the efficiency when pedaling. At the same time friction, chain noise and wear are reduced.

-Mounting: Direct Mount

Tooth profile: X-SYNC ™ 2

-Material: aluminum

- Increases the chain tension

-Drinks wear

-Reduced friction

- Reduces chain noise

-Specially developed for the Eagle ™ chain


With the chain as the foundation of every Eagle ™ drive, the NX Eagle ™ chain is engineered and built to the unique SRAM Eagle ™ architecture. Thus, it is fully compatible with all other components of the Eagle ™ Ecosystem. Built with solid rivet pins and the Eagle ™ PowerLock®, the NX Eagle ™ chain always turns smooth, efficient and reliable. The Eagle ™ PowerLock® chain lock with FLOW LINK ™ technology provides better chain guidance and increased mileage. The unique design features also significantly reduce wear on the Eagle ™ cartridges and chainrings.

Members 126

-Flow link

-Hard Chrome

-X-SYNC ™ 2

-Better chain guide

-Higher mileage

- Reduced wear

-Weight: 278g


The SRAM NX Eagle crank with its Eagle ™ design and the renowned performance of SRAM's newest entry in the Eagle ™ Ecosystem. With the SRAM X-SYNC ™ 2 chainrings, the NX crankset guarantees optimal chain control. For efficient, safe and silent operation with the SRAM chain links, every tooth has been precisely designed and manufactured in form and strength. DUB ™ technology offers a more advanced bottom bracket and all-new crankshaft design. Together, they provide a consistent approach to bottom bracket shell standard, better seal against fouling, and full forward and backward compatibility. DUB ™ is now the new benchmark in performance and durability. The crank arms are made of 6000 aluminum.

Inner bearing dimension: standard 68-73mm (bottom bracket not included)

Chain Form: X-SYNC ™ 2

-Efficient and safe performance

-Material: aluminum

Chainring material: steel

Low-crank: Forged

-Dub compatible

-Weight: 705g

Applied technologies

The X-ACTUATION ™ technology, specially developed for the SRAM 1 compartment, ensures precise and constant switching along the entire cassette.

Zero Loss ™ stands for "zero loss". If you press the gear lever to shift up or down, the cable is triggered immediately, causing zero loss of motion. There is no idle time left waiting for the gear to lock into place. The gear will be changed immediately and accurately.

The parallelogram design of the X-HORIZON ™ control limits movement along the horizontal axis, eliminating so-called "ghost shifting," while reducing shifting force. For faster and more accurate shifting, the large offset of the upper pulley ensures constant chain spacing in each gear.

The CAGE LOCK ™ technology in the rear derailleur makes rear wheel removal and installation and chain mounting quicker and easier than ever. Simply push the cage forward (to release the chain tension) and lock.

ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH ™ switchgear offers maximum propulsion stability - even on grueling and highly demanding terrain. ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH ™ technology puts an end to wobbly rear derailleurs and beating chains - without sacrificing precision.

X-SYNC ™ 2
X-SYNC ™ 2 EAGLE is the latest evolution of SRAM's X-SYNC ™ technology. The tooth profile of the chainring increases chain tension and efficiency when pedaling. The sprocket life is higher as the X SYNC EAGLE ™ technology reduces friction and contamination.

The X-GLIDE ™ 2 is the next generation X-GLIDE ™ technology. It has been specially optimized for EAGLE ™ two-cylinder cassette - for fast and precise shifting performance in all gears. X-GLIDE ™ technology increases chain tension on the larger sprockets.

The ultraglatten inner links of the chain are completely free of edges. This reduces the friction on the cassette and chainring. The result: low-noise performance and longer component life. The chain design allows for a narrower profile. The chain is so warmer. The riveting is smoother and the tensile strength is higher thanks to the smoother outer straps.

The SRAM HARD CHROME ™ chain has four times higher wear resistance than other chains. This is due to the processing method for the inner links. The push pin strength and overall strength is increased. The HARD CHROME ™ chain lasts longer and is extremely stable.


  • 1 x SRAM NX Eagle Dub 1x12 Complete Group Mod. 2019
  • includes:
  • 1x SRAM NX Eagle DUB crank, 32 teeth
  • 1x SRAM NX Eagle 12-speed rear derailleur
  • 1x SRAM NX Eagle 12-speed trigger
  • 1x SRAM NX Eagle 12-speed cassette PG-1230 11-50 teeth
  • 1x SRAM NX Eagle 12-speed chain
SRAM NX Eagle DUB 1x12 Schaltgruppe 170mm
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