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Continental Compact Wide Hermetic Plus duše pro 24" A40 55/62-507 auto ventílek 40mm

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Continental Compact Wide Hermetic Plus duše pro 24" A40 55/62-507 auto ventílek 40mm 41389256 7,10€
Číslo výrobku výrobce 01825810000
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Continental hose

With the ContiTube hose range, you will find the optimal hose for your needs - quickly and directly. Depending on the tire dimensions and intended use, we have various sizes, designs, valve types and lengths available.
Continental offers you the valve types in different lengths. From the reliable car valve, with which you can conveniently check the correct tire pressure at every petrol station, to the slim Sclaverand valve to the tried and tested Dunlop valve.

Continental hoses are vulcanized individually in metal molds in order to pre-form them and to improve their assemblability.
With different hose types, you can actively influence the riding characteristics of your bike with little effort. Different strengths and associated properties make it possible. Incidentally, all of the Conti hoses listed here are made from high-quality butyl.


  • The all-round carefree product
  • Thanks to the improved recipe, the more compact, lighter version of the all-rounder
  • Increased butyl content and greater wall thickness make it puncture-proof
  • Provide the greatest possible puncture protection

Technical specification

H item number 01825810000
Area of application City, trekking
Size inch 55-507> 62-507
Model line Compact Tube Wide Hermetic Plus
Valve type Auto valve
Valve length 40mm
Weight about 370g

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Continental Compact Wide Hermetic Plus hose for 24 '' (see item description for details)
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