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Shimano 105 Di2 ST-R7170/BR-7170 razení-/brzda/yinheit

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Číslo výrobku
Číslo výrobku výrobce na displeji
zadní kolo vpravo 12rychlost/í 62807065 262,74€
Číslo výrobku výrobce IR7170DRRDSC170A
prední kolo vlevo dvojprevodník 62807066 262,44€
Číslo výrobku výrobce IR7170DLF6SC100A
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Brake system for front or rear wheel from the 105 Di2 groupset

Refined with feedback from pros, the new wireless dual-control lever offers more control and unparalleled ergonomics, including a raised canopy tip and smoother, lighter leverage. The reach adjustment mechanism means the distance between the handlebars and the lever can be adjusted to suit any hand size and riding style. In addition, the braking area has been increased to allow more control when braking.

The all-new hydraulic caliper has 10% more pad clearance than the 105 mechanical brake - that means less brake wear and less noise. In addition, bleeding the brake is easier and more maintenance-friendly.


  • Clean cockpit - the wireless connection improves the aesthetics of your bike and ensures lightning-fast shifts
  • Longer life - requires two CR1632 batteries (battery life: 3.5 to 4 years)
  • Compact, ergonomic performance - copied from the DURA-ACE
  • A raised hood tip improves ergonomics, while a longer grip body provides better hand support
  • Custom button function and adjustable ergonomics
  • Easily change the button function with the E-TUBE app
  • Find your optimal lever position with easy reach adjustment
  • More compact design than its predecessors
  • 10% more pad clearance reduces the risk of disc rubbing
  • Maintenance-friendly venting process


specification IR7170DLF6SC100A IR7170DRRDSC170A
area of application Road Road
Type Shift/brake lever including brake caliper, hydraulic Shift/brake lever including brake caliper, hydraulic
Suitable for (mounting lever / brake caliper) Left, front wheel Right, rear wheel
Material shift/brake lever plastic plastic
reach adjustment Yes Yes
clamp 23.8 - 24.2mm 23.8 - 24.2mm
material housing plastic plastic
Drive / switching stages 2- / 12-fold, individually programmable 2- / 12-fold, individually programmable
circuit type Electronic, semi-wireless Electronic, semi-wireless
battery / rechargeable battery 2 x CR1632 2 x CR1632
Compatible with Shimano Di2, 12-speed Shimano Di2, 12-speed
Material brake caliper aluminum aluminum
Mounting brake caliper flat mount flat mount
Number of brake pistons 2 2
Material brake piston resin resin
brake pad L05 Resin, with cooling fins L05 Resin, with cooling fins
brake line Shimano SM-BH90-JK-SSR Shimano SM-BH90-JK-SSR
line length 1000mm 1700mm
line connection Just Just
brake fluid / medium mineral oil mineral oil
Recommended brake discs Shimano SM-RT70 / SM-RT64 Shimano SM-RT70 / SM-RT64

Technologies used

In this chapter we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses in this product.

Reach Adjust
The brake lever is equipped with a reach adjustment. This allows the grip to adapt to the size of the driver's hand, his driving style or personal preferences.

DCL - Dual Lever Control
DCL stands for Dual Lever Control. It has braking and shifting functions and allows for easy operation. The improved ergonomics are probably even more important for the high standard than additional gearing. The technology of the new shift lever brings the stability of Shimano's MTB technology and works so precisely and smoothly that it is possible to shift front and rear with just one finger. This is really a highlight of Shimano Total Integration. To understand this, you simply have to experience it yourself.

The dual-control shift/brake levers on the DURA-ACE, ULTEGRA and 105 have been optimized and now feature a weight-reduced joint on the inside of the shifting mechanism, for example, and the shift cable has been integrated for easier steering. The extremely compact and high-precision manufactured individual parts result in an unrivaled switching speed.

E-Tube Project - Settings customizable via the app
The E-Tube Project mobile application developed by Shimano has functions for bike customization, firmware update and maintenance using a wireless connection to the bike. More detailed maintenance of the bike is possible by connecting the bike to the E-Tube Project application for Windows V4 using a cable.

ICE Technologies
Fading, which can occur in the brake disc and pad when braking continuously on long descents, impairs braking performance. Shimano has introduced ICE TECHNOLOGIES brake discs and ICE TECHNOLOGIES brake pads to create cooling technology for consistently high braking performance. The brake disc with its 3-layer sandwich structure made of stainless steel, aluminum and stainless steel offers better heat dissipation. The brake pads also have cooling fins. The construction of the disc in connection with the cooling fins results in a longer service life of the pad, less braking noise, less fading and a lower weight.

ONE WAY BLEEDING was developed to quickly and easily prevent air from being trapped in the hydraulic system. Shimano has optimized the way the brake fluid is routed throughout the system to prevent air bubbles from getting stuck in the system. The one-way mineral oil path, together with the funnel for filling, allows for clean, hassle-free bleeding.

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Shimano 105 Di2 ST-R7170/BR-7170 shift/brake unit for front or rear wheel (see item description for details)
  • 1 x shift/brake handle
  • 1 * Brake Caliper
  • 1 x brake line including connection kit
  • 1 x mounting material

product video

Shimano 105 Di2 ST-R7170/BR-7170 razení-/brzda/yinheit zadní kolo vpravo 12rychlost/í
Shimano 105 Di2 ST-R7170/BR-7170 razení-/brzda/yinheit prední kolo vlevo dvojprevodník
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