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SRAM Code RSC kotoucová brzda

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prední kolo black anodized A1 54209178 146,69€
Číslo výrobku výrobce 00.5018.109.000
zadní kolo black anodized A1 54209179 170,11€
Číslo výrobku výrobce 00.5018.109.001
zadní kolo rainbow A1 64200042 170,11€
Číslo výrobku výrobce 00.5018.109.003
prední kolo rainbow A1 64200043 147,98€
Číslo výrobku výrobce 00.5018.109.002
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SRAM Code RSC disc brake

Brand new code design based on the guide architecture, specially designed for use under heavy loads. Code RSC consists of the elements that made the Guide a flagship model in terms of brake design and performance, and offers 15% more power to impress in all high-load applications. The SwingLink technology provides more power, velvety controllability, shorter idle travel and a lever feeling like you've never experienced before. That gives confidence on steep gradients. And allows dominance in tight corners. Ride every trail as if you know it by heart. You can do it! This brake is equipped with the Bleeding Edge and Heat Shield technologies.



  • Lever material: aluminum
  • Brake caliper: 4-piston brake caliper
  • Recommended brake disc: CenterLine (not included)
  • Brake lining: sintered
  • Brake fluid: DOT 5.1
  • Adjustment: tool-free reach adjustment
  • Adjustment: tool-free pressure point adjustment
  • Setting: adjustable cable outlet on the brake caliper
  • Piggyback reservoir
  • compatible with MatchMaker ™ X
  • Heat shield
  • SwingLink ™
  • Bleeding Edge ™
  • Material: Forged aluminum
  • Bend Zone ™
  • Weight: 443g

Technical specifications

specification description
Area of application MTB
Brake type Disc, hydraulic
Brake lever material aluminum
Brake lever housing material Cast aluminum
Material brake caliper Forged aluminum
brake fluid DOT 5.1
Brake pad steel-backed organic
Brake assembly DirectMount
Cable length Front: 950mm / rear: 1800mm (black)
Brake disc Centerline, 1-part (optionally available)
Pistons 4th
Material piston Phenolic Plastic
Clamp MMX clamp
Pressure point adjustment Yes
Reach adjustment yes, without tools
weight approx 443g



If you pull on a SRAM brake lever with SwingLink technology, you will immediately notice the difference. A shorter idle path. An optimized actuation of the brake pads. Due to the cam design of this technology, a shorter lever path is necessary to push the brake pads in the direction of the brake disc. That's nice, but there's more to perfect braking than just strength. You need control. Many brake systems offer a shorter idle travel - but at the expense of modulation. SwingLink solves this problem with its special cam shape. When the brake pads touch the brake disc, the force is modulated, thus avoiding the "stuttering" brake feeling. This creates the perfect balance between power and precision.

DOT 5.1:

Heat is the enemy of any braking system. Better heat management also makes your journey considerably safer. SRAM has found that with DOT 5.1 it takes three times longer than with DOT 4 to reach the boiling point. This ensures smooth and never-ending braking power under even more extreme conditions.

Heat Shield:

The heat shield is a small U-shaped stainless steel plate, which, similar to a heat plate on a car, prevents the heat from overheating the system. However, the heat is kept from the brake pad to the brake caliper here. With this small change, SRAM can lower the temperature by up to 20 °.

Compatible with MatchMaker and MMX:

With Matchmaker you save weight and space on your handlebars. Matchmaker takes Avid brake levers, SRAM® trigger switches and various RockShox adjustment knobs in the form of a light and neat clamp - this is a dream come true for all global space savers on the handlebars. The system is available in two versions: Matchmaker X has space for RockShox® XLoc and is compatible with XX and X0 brakes. The conventional matchmaker is also available and works with any split handlebar clamp and any RockShox® PushLoc system.

PiggyBack Reservoir:

The brake fluid reservoir in SRAM's current lever design is designed for optimal performance and easy handling. The PiggyBack reservoir offers a simple and safe solution for checking the brake fluid and also enables the levers to be mounted on both sides so you can swap your levers on the handlebars and brake easily like on a motorcycle.

Expandable Bladder:

SRAM's new brake lever design includes a new bubble shape that regulates and reduces air bubbles. The bladder is specially shaped to pump air out of the lever and deliver the liquid to exactly where it is needed. The result is improved back pressure relief for reliable and constant braking performance.

Reach adjustment:

The fit and ergonomics of the brake lever is a very personal matter. Each driver has individual position preferences as well as a unique hand size and finger lengths. With the reach adjustment, the lever can be easily adjusted for maximum control with just one finger.

Pressure point adjustment:

Some people like the immediate power transmission of a short lever path. Others, on the other hand, prefer the feeling of a longer lever path. With the pressure point setting you can determine the position where your fingers should be and in which the brakes are to be applied. So you can quickly and easily adapt the feel of your brakes to your needs without having to move the brake pads. In addition, both brake levers can be adjusted so that they feel exactly the same.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x SRAM Code RSC disc brake (without disc and adapter) (see item description for details)



Test verdict

Test result: "Very good" in Fahrrad 05/21 (p. 66)


SRAM Code RSC kotoucová brzda prední kolo black anodized A1
SRAM Code RSC kotoucová brzda zadní kolo rainbow A1
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