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Magura MT7 na kotoucová brzda

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Magura MT7 na kotoucová brzda 62119095 145,30€
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The powerful Magura MT7 Pro

The largest MTB community in Europe voted the MT7 PRO five times in a row as MTB-News.de Brake of the Year. With a clearly defined pressure point and enormous four-piston braking power, the MT7 PRO is the first choice of gravity and high-speed pilots.

The 1-finger HC brake lever modulates the enormous braking power as desired and ensures comfortable ergonomics to keep the brakes safely under control even in the most difficult terrain.

The popular gravity brake

Carbotecture SL®

The Carbotecture SL® brake lever consists of a composite material of polymers and embedded carbon fibers. This combination makes the brake lever not only light, but also extremely robust.

Radial design

The radial encoder design reduces friction and enables small / large gear ratios. This not only reduces transmission losses - the brake becomes more sensitive and more controllable.

Award-winning braking performance

The one-piece 4-piston pliers of the MT7 Pro are made of forged aluminum. This manufacturing method gives the brake calliper its extraordinary rigidity and makes the MT7 PRO one of the strongest and most controllable brakes on the market.

Highlights of the Magura MT7 brake

  • The ultimate downhill and enduro brake
  • Carbotecture® SL brake lever housing and aluminum handlebar clamp
  • Clearly defined pressure point
  • Maximum braking power
  • 1-finger HC brake lever

Technical specifications

specification description
Area of application MTB, Enduro, DH
Type Disc, hydraulic
Brake lever material Hollow aluminum, 1-finger HC
Brake lever housing material Carbotecture® SL
Material brake caliper Forged aluminum
brake fluid mineral oil
Cable length 2200mm
Assembly PostMount
Pistons 4th
Clamp Alu
Reach adjustment Yes, without tools
Pressure point adjustment Yes, via BAT plug
Recommended brake discs Storm HC / CL 160 mm / 180 mm / 203 mm; MDR-C 180mm / 203mm; MDR-P 203 mm / 220 mm
weight approx. 255g

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Magura MT7 Pro disc brake for front or rear wheel (see item description for details)
  • including mounting accessories


Test verdict

Test result: "Very good" in Fahrrad 05/21 (p. 65)



Test verdict

Test result: "9/10" in Freeride 02/21 (p. 144)


Test verdict

Test result: “very good” in mountain bike 03/2024 (p. ’47)

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