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Hamax Avenida dětský vozík za kolo model 2019

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The city runabout

The Hamax Avenida Kid Trailer is specifically designed for urban use - narrow with easy maneuverability, plenty of storage space and a smooth folding mechanism. In addition, the Avenida trailer convinced by a comfortable seat pad and a good all-round view for the children.

Sturdy and versatile bike trailer - convertible into a buggy

With the lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frame, the Avenida bike trailer provides the ultimate in protection and ride comfort for your urban kid. And the Avenida is more than just a trailer - the multifunctional child trailer can easily be turned into a buggy by removing the bicycle drawbar and securing a buggy wheel securely.

As a buggy, the adjustable and ergonomic handle ensures easy maneuverability and has a handy parking brake at your fingertips. With plenty of storage space at the back, you do not have to hang bags against the handle or side of the buggy.

For added safety and worry-free use, your child is secured with a 5-point safety belt. The front and rear reflectors, as well as the side and rear reflective piping provide added security at night and in low light conditions. The LEDs available as accessories offer even more visibility.

Thanks to the high level of ride comfort and the comprehensive safety features, the Avenida always guarantees your child a pleasant ride. The seat upholstery can be removed and cleaned easily; the mesh fabric at the front and back provides adequate ventilation and gives the child good visibility in his seat. In addition, there is an extra-long sunshade, and opening forward is child's play thanks to a system of loops and hooks. For small babies, an insert is available as an accessory.

The compact and fast folding function makes storage and transport easy, including the 20 "quick-release wheels and the spoke guard (" wing ") that folds down to save even more space.


  • two-seater
  • Aerodynamic design with aluminum protective frame
  • Comfortable seat pad, removable for washing
  • Large storage compartment
  • Extra large sunscreen
  • Adjustable 5-point harness
  • Parking brake on the push handle
  • Optimal protection by front and rear reflectors, in addition by reflector strips on the sides and in the rear area of the trailer
  • Adjustable and ergonomic handle
  • Compact and easy to fold
  • Radschutz can be easily removed for transport
  • 20 inch quick release wheels with reflectors
  • Very good air circulation through the use of mesh materials in the front and rear of the trailer
  • Baby seat and LED lighting optionally available as accessories


specification description
Dimensions of the trailer built (height x width x length without drawbar) 100 x 78 x 102cm
Dimensions of the trailer folded (length x width x height) 101 x 67 x 30cm
Weight of the trailer 15.0kg
Maximum load 45kg
Maximum weight of the child 22kg
Maximum total load incl. Trailer 60kg
Support load of the drawbar 8kg
Recommended speed 16 km / h
Maximum maximum speed 24 km / h
Minimum age of the child 6 months
Maximum size of the child 117cm


  • 1 x Hamax Avenida Child Trailer (see item description for details)
  • incl. bicycle drawbar, buggy wheel and 1 LED light

product video

Hamax Avenida dětský vozík za kolo petrol blue model 2019
Hamax Avenida dětský vozík za kolo coffee model 2019
Hamax Avenida dětský vozík za kolo lime model 2019
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