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EVOC Stage 18L batoh model

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Číslo výrobku
black 2020 142,35€ 86500493
neon blue 2019 99,65€ 86500595
loam/carbon grey 2020 142,35€ 86500942
moss green/olive 2020 142,35€ 86500943
Chili red 2020 142,35€ 86500993
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The EVOC Stage 18l

The EVOC STAGE 18l is a versatile, technical daypack. The hallmark of the series is the BRACE LINK, which adjusts the shoulder width of the wearer individually. The number one choice for those who make no compromises when it comes to comfort and back ventilation in a bicycle backpack.


  • Maximum back ventilation thanks to AIR FLOW CONTACT SYSTEM
  • Optimum adjustment of the shoulder straps thanks to BRACE LINK
  • Tool compartment with quick access (separately)
  • Air Circulation
  • Airo Flex
  • Backlight clip
  • Compartment for mobile phone
  • Hydration clip
  • Hydration system recording
  • key clip
  • rain cover
  • Signal whistle
  • spectacles compartment
  • XC / DH helmet mount
  • protector bracket


specification description
volume 18 l
mass 900 g
Dimensions 28 x 50 x 12 cm

Applied technologies

In this chapter, we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

AIR CIRCULATION AIR CIRCULATION is used in all EVOC backpacks, as it ensures optimal ventilation, even at high levels of pressure and perspiration, while simultaneously preventing the delicate kidney area from cooling. A steady, free air circulation is ensured by the vertically guided air duct. Through lateral recesses along the channel can also drain air. In addition, the padding in the lateral back areas has been reduced to further optimize the airflow.


The patented BRACE LINK system impresses with optimal adaptation of the backpack straps to the shoulder width of the athlete. Flexible alignment helps balance the load on the center of gravity while minimizing contact with the back and shoulders. Even the wearing of a neck brace is made possible by the BRACE LINK.


The claim here is to relocate loads as neutral as possible to the body's center of gravity and at the same time to minimize the contact surfaces to the back. We solve this contradiction with a back section, where the ventilation components such as large ventilation channels and specially milled and perforated EVA pads, behind a mesh fabric, are laid inwards. This achieves a seat close to the back while at the same time optimizing back ventilation.


AIRO FLEX refers to an extremely stable fabric that is as permeable to air as it is flexible. It is used on our highest quality hip belts and ensures optimal load transfer to the hips while maximizing ventilation - for maximum comfort.


  • 1x EVOC Stage 18L Backpack Mod. 2018 (see item description for details)

product video

EVOC Stage 18L batoh black model 2020
EVOC Stage 18L batoh neon blue model 2019
EVOC Stage 18L batoh loam/carbon grey model 2020
EVOC Stage 18L batoh moss green/olive model 2020
EVOC Stage 18L batoh Chili red model 2020
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