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NC-17 Wahoo iPhone ANT+ držák

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NC-17 Wahoo iPhone ANT+ držák 85240026 18,34€
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NC-17 world first exclusively from Wahoo-Fitness

In order to be able to use the sensors from Wahoo Fitness optimally for bikes, the reception technology was embedded in the waterproof Wahoo iPhone case and additionally equipped with a micro USB. The iPhone is transformed into a full-fledged cockpit with all the functions a cyclist needs in the various disciplines. The resulting possibilities are almost unlimited. The obligatory sensor functions such as speed, cadence, pulse or watts are now joined, for example by GPS support, driven distances.

The Fisica Sensor Case is securely mounted on the stem using a bracket with cable ties. By pressing a small tab, the Fisica cover can easily be pushed out or down from the carrier. The Fisica protective cover is largely waterproof and does not bother with heavy rainfall. The Fisica protective cover is compatible with the iPhone 3, 3G and 4.


The Wahoo ANT + technology is also compatible with other manufacturers that support the ANT + protocol. However, it has been found that the sensors manufactured by Wahoo itself implement the transmission in a much more stable and therefore more reliable manner. Furthermore, depending on the hardware and software, other circumstances must be taken into account. Therefore, we recommend the Wahoo sensors when using the Wahoo iPhone technology and ask for your understanding that we can only offer guarantee and services in this combination.


  • 3G; 3Gs; 4;
  • ANT + by Wahoofitness integrated
  • app: Cycle NC-17, Fisica and many more
  • Compatible with most ANT + sensors
  • Weight 104g
  • Color: Black
  • without battery
  • Mounting on the stem / cable tie
  • Push to slide function
  • micro USB for data or charging
  • waterproof

iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc. iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries. Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device, other compliance with safety and regulatory standards.

scope of delivery

  • 1x NC-17 Wahoo iPhone ANT + holder (see item description for details)
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