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Hope na 5 Disc zadní náboj 6-děr 32 děr 10x135mm Trial/singlespeed-volnoběh/u blue

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Číslo výrobku výrobce na displeji
32 10x135mm blue 41840415 206,41€
Číslo výrobku výrobce RHP532BTR
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New spheres of freewheel performance

Attention: illustration as an example!

Building on Hope's 30+ years of hub manufacturing experience, the Pro 5 is the combination of all their expertise to meet and exceed the demands of current and future bicycle technology.

The Pro 4 proved to be one of the most reliable and versatile hubs on the market. The Pro 5 builds on that with improvements, offering the right balance of shooting speed, carrying capacity, durability and drag.

One of the key design goals for the Pro 5 was to reduce drag in the drive mechanism. This has real driving benefits and has been achieved by upgrading the seal with a new zero drag labyrinth seal and an improved ratchet and pawl system with new springs. Both significantly reduce drag and increase durability and load capacity compared to the Pro 4.

Another major update is an increase in engagement points (from 44 to 108) using a staggered 6-pawl freewheel design where 3 pawls are engaged at all times. This strikes the right balance of pick-up speed, load capacity, drag and durability, and in practice gives a fast feel on the trail while keeping crank movement at an acceptable level without sacrificing freewheeling of the hub or its hub affect reliability.

Externally, the shell adopts a new profile to increase stiffness without adding weight, while housing a new axle design that allows the use of larger bearings in a better arrangement to meet the latest freewheel standards while increasing load capacity.

As with any product made at Hope, durability and longevity are key. Everything on the Pro 5 has been thought out and tested to perform in the worst conditions, from the seals to the bearings.... And if something does wear out, the Pro 5 is fully serviceable and can be rebuilt with basic tools or when needed will change drivetrain standards, one hub will work with anything. So swapping out freehubs and swapping out end caps for different frame and fork axle standards is easy to future-proof your wheels.

Completely new for the Pro 5 is the option of centerlock disc mounting and an e-bike-specific hub, which is equipped with a freewheel that is tailored to the stresses of e-bike use.



  • Improved sealing to prevent dirt ingress and reduce drag
  • The new labyrinth seal has no resistance for incredible freewheel performance
  • New pawl/spring design to increase durability, strength and reduce drag.
  • Increased engagement from 44 to 108 with a new 6-pawl offset freehub design
  • High-strength steel wire-cut pawls for maximum strength.
  • New step-down axle design for a stiffer, more durable freehub
  • New hub body profile for increased rigidity without additional weight
  • Fully maintainable and rebuildable with basic tools


H article number RHP532STR
area of application All mountain, enduro, trail All mountain, enduro, trail All mountain, enduro, trail All mountain, enduro, trail
Type rear hub rear hub rear hub rear hub
Compatibility brakes disc brake disc brake disc brake disc brake
Recording brake disc 6 hole 6 hole 6 hole 6 hole
Number of holes / number of spokes 32 32 36 36
axis / installation dimension 10x135mm 12x142mm 10x135mm 12x142mm
Material hub body aluminum aluminum aluminum aluminum
hub type pawls, 6 pawls, 6 pawls, 6 pawls, 6
camp steel steel steel steel
freewheel single speed single speed single speed single speed
Material freewheel body aluminum aluminum aluminum aluminum

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Hope Pro 5 Disc rear hub 6-hole (see item description for details)
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