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Coboc Torino 27.5" model 2023

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Číslo výrobku výrobce na displeji
velikost S metallic hochglanz silent-green 18720026 5.083,02€
Číslo výrobku výrobce PRO10095.S
velikost M metallic hochglanz silent-green 18720150 5.083,02€
Číslo výrobku výrobce PRO10128.M.1
velikost L metallic hochglanz silent-green 18720151 5.083,02€
Číslo výrobku výrobce PRO10128.L.1
velikost XL metallic hochglanz silent-green 18720152 5.083,02€
Číslo výrobku výrobce PRO10128.XL.1
velikost S Giro grey atlas black 18720153 5.083,02€
Číslo výrobku výrobce PRO10160.S.2
velikost M Giro grey atlas black 18720154 5.083,02€
Číslo výrobku výrobce PRO10160.M.2
velikost L Giro grey atlas black 18720155 5.083,02€
Číslo výrobku výrobce PRO10160.L.2
velikost XL Giro grey atlas black 18720156 4.321,42€
Číslo výrobku výrobce PRO10160.XL.2
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A new adventure every day

From an e-bike that takes you from A to B during the week and takes you to other worlds at the weekend. Diversity is trumps. Thanks to wide tyres, the integrated lighting system and optional mudguards and bag holders, the Torino accompanies you safely on your daily trips - no matter what time of day or year. And when the work is done? Then Torino will take you on your next tour - because the next adventure begins behind the town sign.

E-bikes can be that light.

What? Is that an e-bike?
Yes, and it only weighs 14.1 kilograms.

How do you get that?
Coboc doesn't buy just any drive system and attach it to the bike. You develop your e-bikes holistically, which also includes the drive: Coboc Electric Drive. Integration and lightweight construction make slim e-bikes possible.


  • Drop handlebars: The versatile grip positions of the drop handlebars make the Torino a comfortable companion, even on longer tours.
  • Tires: Large-volume, 47 mm wide and laterally more profiled tires ensure comfort, safety and grip. The Torino irons out every bump on and off the asphalt.
  • Equipment: The lighting system is elegantly integrated and StZVO-approved. Mudguards and the Coboc luggage rack are optional.


specification description
frame Aluminum 6000
Fork Carbon, straight design
rear derailleur SRAM Apex 1x11, X-Horizon Type 3
brakes SRAM Apex 1 hydraulic disc brake
brake discs 160mm
engine 250W / 500W peak power
battery pack integrated, 380Wh, 36V
wheel size 27.5"
Tires front / rear WTB Byway 47-584 (650B)
lighting Supernova E-bike Mini 2, StVZO compliant (front light) /
Coboc design frame integrated, StVZO compliant (rear light)
porter Coboc design, removable (optionally available)
fenders Curana C-Lite 55 mm (optionally available)
pedals Coboc URBs, CNC aluminum
Miscellaneous 2.5h charging time, 75-110km range
weight approx. 14.10 kg

Technologies used

In this chapter we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses in this product.

The Coboc Electric Drive

Every Coboc bike adapts perfectly to its rider and the circumstances. The signals from the sensitive torque sensor are translated by their specially developed algorithms in such a way that the drive always provides exactly the right support. Automatic, intuitive and stepless. The result of this intelligent drive: a completely natural riding experience - like riding a bicycle, only with support.

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Coboc Torino (see item description for details)
Coboc Torino 27.5" velikost S  metallic hochglanz silent-green model 2023
Coboc Torino 27.5" velikost S  Giro  grey atlas black model 2023
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