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Assos Ultraz zima obličejschutz

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velikost 0 black series 95237692 72,19€
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velikost I black series 95237693 72,19€
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The Ultraz face protection for particularly cold days

Face covering function was just one of the aspects ASSOS considered when designing a better face mask for extreme winter conditions. Different textiles, six panels, and countless revisions ultimately yielded the Ultraz Winter Face Mask, which met their high standards of fit, comfort, and protection.

The Ultraz comfortably follows the shape of the head and neck and with its pre-curved panels it fits comfortably and neatly under your helmet. With the two-layer twinDeck design - made of ASSOS` Push Pull outer layer and rhombus on the inside - the mask does not let the cold in and creates an intermediate layer of insulating air between the layers, while remaining exceptionally breathable at the same time. An extra layer of protection has also been added to the front of the neck using flexible Winter Foam Light material.


  • Push Pull Medium: Bi-stretch open structure fabric that is exceptionally breathable and wicks moisture to the outside of the fabric
  • Rhombus: The next-to-skin polypropylene terry fabric with a soft jacquard has a 3D diamond-shaped mesh design to improve airflow, wick moisture and provide an extra insulating layer
  • twinDeck: The two-layer fabric design optimizes the insulation through a combination of the textiles Push Pull Medium and Rhombus
  • Winter Foam Light: The flexible, roughened PU foam has been processed for additional protection at the neck panel. It's warm, breathable, soft and feels smooth against the skin

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Assos Ultraz winter face mask (see item description for details)
Assos Ultraz zima obličejschutz velikost 0 black series
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