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Assos GT C2 SpringFall návleky na nohy

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velikost 0 black series 95238821 60,91€
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velikost II black series 95238823 60,91€
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The leg warmers made from innovative thermal materials provide protection on cool days

Although the theory behind all leg warmers is deceptively simple, there are variations in how it is performed. The latest model from ASSOS is proof of this. It impresses with its anatomical and wrinkle-free cut and a new, slightly compressive material that does not shimmer through white when stretched above the knee.

Combine the leg warmers with lightweight shorts or your Spring Fall bib shorts on cool, dry days, or wear them under the MILLE GT Knickers in the depths of winter for extra warmth and protection for your knees.



  • RX EVO: The new material offers thermal insulation and buttery soft comfort in cool conditions. In contrast to most thermal materials, the RX EVO does not pale when stretched when you step on the pedal
  • Raw Cut: Replaces voluminous silicone cuffs and enables easy combination with other layers
  • Curved Top: Completes the anatomical fit with additional protection on the outside of the thighs and at the same time reinforces the wrinkle-free fit
  • Fit: A single seam and the pre-shaped cut reduce irritation and at the same time adapt to the leg and the step on the pedal

scope of delivery

  • 1 pair of Assos GT C2 Spring Fall leg warmers (see item description for details)
Assos GT C2 SpringFall návleky na nohy velikost 0 black series
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