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100% Racecraft Gen. 2 Goggle Clear

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blue 97624914 81,24€
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yellow 97624919 62,14€
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The top model

The 100% Racecraft 2 represents our successful efforts to provide racers with the highest possible level of vision and functionality as a top model in order to create a high-class user experience! With exceptional attention to detail, all three Gen 2 models offer a 17.5 percent increased vertical field of view over the Gen 1 models. All three Gen 2 models are tear-off compatible, have an extra-wide mounting strap with silicone coating for maximum grip, a 9-point lens mounting system to secure the lens in the frame, and an anti-fog coated polycarbonate lens for a always undisturbed, clear field of vision. The Gen 2 goggles also feature soft, sweat-wicking face foam and an improved nose fit derived from the revolutionary armega for optimal all-day comfort. While each model has unique features, all three models use the same interchangeable lenses and tear-off system, allowing the rider to be ready for any condition without having to carry additional accessories. It is 100%'s most versatile goggle system and will be an absolute game changer for riders at all levels of the sport.


  • Reinforced frame for a perfect fit and maximum stability
  • Removable nose guard provides stability and protection
  • Anti-fog coated, scratch-resistant Lexan lens for perfect vision with tear-off pins
  • 9-point disc attachment holds the disc securely in the frame
  • 45mm wide, silicone-coated goggle strap prevents slipping
  • Effective ventilation channels (patent pending)
  • Moisture wicking triple layer foam for better moisture management
  • The 100% lenses are compatible with all goggle models!
  • Clear variant: Incl. noseguard, tear-off foils, microfibre bag

scope of delivery

  • 1 x 100% Racecraft Gen. 2 Goggle (Anti-Fog Clear Lens) (see item description for details)
100% Racecraft Gen. 2 Goggle Clear blue
100% Racecraft Gen. 2 Goggle Clear yellow
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