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Assos Mille GTS C2 kalhoty se šlemi krátký pánské (GTS-cyklistická vložka)

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The next generation of MILLE bib shorts with more comfortable padding

GTS marks the birth of the second generation of MILLE - a brand new bib short based on the iconic GT for ultimate comfort, with soft double-layer padding, new, even better supportive materials that counteract muscle fatigue and a revised fit. They are a must-have for professional riders looking for extra comfort during training, or for hobby riders who want maximum support on long-distance rides.

ASSOS has adopted the two-piece butterfly design of the S9 racing shorts to increase comfort even further, keep the padding securely in place during movement and prevent chafing thanks to the reduced seams. Your Xbib straps with the additional stabilizing A-frame on the back ensure that the pants stay in the best possible position while driving.

ASSOS` new fabric OSSIDIA - specially developed for MILLE GT c2 - creates the ideal balance between pleasant wearing comfort and muscle-supporting hold. The circular knit fabric is made of sheer, elastic fibers for a secure fit, breathability and velvety comfort around your lower back and thighs. The resulting fit is a more efficient, more snug regularFit, ideal for any rider and any riding style.

The heart of the GTS is a completely revised upholstery. The starting point was the upholstery of the GT with its double-layer memory foam and the honeycomb structure cover. This multi-layer padding system offers targeted support for the sit bones and, with its 3D structure and the kraterCooler ventilation openings, ensures optimal ventilation and maximum comfort.


  • OSSIDIA: A 40 gauge circular knit fabric for reliable support and a velvety soft feel against the skin. 195g/m², SPF 50+, moisture-repellent, integrated odorControl minerals for odor neutralization and temperature regulation. Extremely durable
  • GTS summer pad: A new pad for the Mille GTS series, made up of two different foams with the patented upper material in a honeycomb design - further developed for optimal support and breathability, especially for the very long days in the saddle
  • 3D waffle: A patented three-layer perforated foam that increases breathability and has no excess weight
  • kraterCooler: A system of small holes on the front of the pad that promote air exchange, so your sensitive body parts are cooled
  • goldenGate: A patented process technology in which the seams are interrupted along the side parts of the upholstery, thus enabling increased three-dimensional freedom of movement in this sensitive area that is always in motion
  • A-Lock Engineering: c2 regularFit fit complemented with new textiles and processes to stabilize the shorts and secure the pad
  • Butterfly Pattern: The largest section of fabric flatters the lower back and legs and converges at the back. The reduced number of seams promises a more uniform support, less weight and improved comfort
  • ergoBox: A square-shaped pattern that effectively frames the back of the pad for added stability
  • zeroWaist: A tape-sealed edge of fabric processed without an additional hem for the smoothest transition between body and pants. More comfort less pressure
  • regularFit: Optimized for all-round comfort in the riding position. The cut is slightly looser than their skin-tight racingFit
  • superFlat Xbib: A single piece of elastic material folded over to form an A-frame. With its limited stretchability, it offers additional support for the seat pad
  • ultraLight Leg Grippers: A light silicone coating ensures that the shorts stay in place without cutting into them

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Assos Mille GTS C2 bib shorts men (see item description for details)

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Assos Mille GTS C2 kalhoty se šlemi krátký pánské (GTS-cyklistická vložka) velikost L black series
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