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Assos Trail T3 Tactica Cargo kalhoty 3/4-dlouhý pánské

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velikost XS black series 95239252 127,00€
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velikost S black series 95239253 127,00€
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velikost M black series 95239254 127,00€
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velikost L black series 95239255 127,00€
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velikost XL black series 95239256 127,00€
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velikost XXL (XLG) black series 95239257 127,00€
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velikost XXXL (TIR) black series 95239258 127,00€
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Breathable knickers made of durable and abrasion-resistant textile

The ¾ length knickers extend coverage to the knee and are cut to fit the knee area. They have been optimized in the same way as the shorts. These include a lightweight material and functional construction solutions and adopt the zeroPressure Waist technology that has proven itself in ASSOS' road bike line.

It uses a highly elastic material and a silicone band that holds the pants in place and offers unrestricted, frictionless support. The TACTICA System's new, unique Water & Mud Shield Tec technology repels spray and mud, wicks internal moisture and dries quickly to reduce weight from external moisture. Two zippered pockets provide triple ramp security, and taped hems eliminate weight and chafing between system layers. Reflective strips on the back of the legs ensure good visibility on all rides.



  • Featured Fabrics: Type.OF11 is a close-knit textile that resists abrasion without sacrificing breathability. Four-way stretch allows full range of motion without sagging or deforming vertically. The waist is complemented by the ASSOS Tech Sheen Mesh, which is deployed as part of the zeroPressure Waist design on the front
  • Construction / Fit: The TRAIL fit is the ASSOS solution for ill-fitting "baggy" shorts - with an optimized, compact cut that adapts to body movements without restrictions, including in the knee area
  • Water & Mud Shield Tec: A new trail-ready technology that protects against water and mud, prevents stains and actively wicks internal moisture
  • zeroPressure Waist: A soft, high-elastic waist design for even more comfort and support at the waist without exerting pressure or constraint
  • Secure Pockets: A sealed zip pocket and a "triple ramp" pocket provide secure storage for cycling essentials and larger items like cell phones

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Assos Trail T3 Tactica Cargo pants 3/4-long men (see item description for details)
Assos Trail T3 Tactica Cargo kalhoty 3/4-dlouhý pánské velikost XS black series
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