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Assos RS do deštěnávleky na boty I (39-40) black series

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Assos RS do deštěnávleky na boty velikost I (39-40) black series 95238373 71,48€
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Waterproof overshoes with an excellent fit

Aerodynamic rain booties for training and racing all year round made from ultra-thin, double-layered all-rounders: the Water Shield material from ASSOS is waterproof and breathable at the same time and ensures that you don't get cold feet in rainy weather.

ASSOS was inspired by your aerodynamic EQUIPE RS Rapidfire Chrono Booties and designed an aerodynamic, streamlined overshoe that is also waterproof and increases your visibility. These booties are a versatile accessory that comes into play in every season: Whether to protect your feet on rainy days in the transitional period, whether in combination with additional booties when the streets are wet and muddy in winter, or as a last resort in case of a fall a spontaneous summer thunderstorm.


  • Featured Fabrics: Constructed from double-layer waterproof Water-Shield material with a super-light, foot-conforming membrane that protects while maintaining aerodynamic properties
  • Taped Seams: All seams have been taped to ensure the booties are waterproof
  • sportGrip: This grippy material with one-way stretch is used for the sole to minimize slipping when walking and increase durability
  • Construction/Fit: Inside out, waterproof double layer material, with smooth silver membrane on the outer surface. The aero cut provides light support around the ankle and lower calf, while the zeroCuff and hidden waterproof camlock zipper complete the streamlined design

scope of delivery

  • 1 pair of Assos RS rain overshoes (see item description for details)
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