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Northwave Magma XC Rock boty

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The MAGMA XC and marathon shoe is designed for use in deep winter

With 200g Primaloft® Gold insulation and ECO-ISO padding made from recycled material, the shoe guarantees exceptional thermal insulation and breathability. A warm and dry foot in extreme cold, also thanks to the extra lining. The power is channeled into the drive train via the reinforced Jaws Carbon sole with a stiffness index of 8.0. The heel area made of natural rubber stands for extreme grip on any surface. The front shoe was reinforced with TPU. An easy and consistent fit is ensured by the SLW2 twist lock system. As the only one of its kind, its micro-step grid ensures that the shoe is adjusted and adjusted with millimeter precision.

The integrated heel seat with directional fiber inner material prevents unwanted heel slippage, while the Arctic 4Layer insole (Eva/Aluminium/Eva/Pile) together with the Lasting Board Thermal Shield (EVA / Aluminum) ensure efficient thermal insulation.


specification description
area of application All Mountain, Cyclocross, Gravel, Trail, XC
Material shoe sole carbon
locking system Screw cap, SLW2
pedal system 2-hole (e.g. Shimano SPD)
stiffness index 8.0 (from 15.0)
extras Arctic 4layer insole, Primaloft gold insulation
weight approx. 820g (per pair)

Technologies used

In this chapter we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses in this product.

SLW2 Closing System
The micrometric SLW2 (Speed Lace Winch) system with the innovative micro-step closure allows you to adjust the fit in a few moments intuitively and with the utmost precision. The side button offers a dual function: when pressed, it offers a gradual, micrometric release, while when fully lifted, the shoe opens completely.

Primaloft® insulation
Primaloft® is an insulation technology that is widely used in outdoor clothing and was originally developed for the American military. Primaloft® is a fabric made from polyester microfibers - the smallest

micropores ever developed. Extremely light, with the best values in terms of thermal insulation and waterproofness. Primaloft fabric is characterized by unrivaled thermal insulation thanks to its special fibers. The body heat is stored in small gaps and allows even "frostbite" to enjoy the icy cold and the unique experience of winter biking.

Lasting Board Thermal Shield
LBTS stands for efficient thermal insulation thanks to a double layer of aluminum and EVA. The materials and the structure of the individual fabric layers guarantee excellent insulation against the cold.

scope of delivery

  • 1 pair of Northwave Magma XC Rock shoes (see item description for details)
Northwave Magma XC Rock boty velikost 37.0 black
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