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ION Scrub MTB-boty root brown

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velikost 36.0 97868461 132,13€
Číslo výrobku výrobce 47200-4374-880-36
velikost 37.0 97868462 132,13€
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velikost 38.0 97868463 132,13€
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velikost 42.0 97868467 132,13€
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velikost 43.0 97868468 132,13€
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velikost 46.0 97868471 132,13€
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Performance mountain bike shoes from ION

Developing new shoe soles is like constantly improving your favorite recipe. The basic recipe remains the same, only the ingredients are refined and coordinated. Following the principle, ION has further refined its flat pedal shoes with the optimal combination of grip, durability, practicality and style. The main ingredient, the Pin Tonic Sole Concept 2.0, has been further developed to suit the tastes of all riders. The new outsole has a positive profile in the front and rear area and thus ensures a firm grip when you push or carry your bike. The negative profile in the central area, on the other hand, offers perfect grip for the pins while driving. In addition, the rubber compound has undergone an update that now offers even more grip. Since, despite the innovations, you shouldn't forget the tried and tested ingredients, ION again relies on a comfortable midsole made of EVA and a cozy insole. Since grip is not the only element for optimal power transmission, the Scrub has a flatter profile in the toe area, which increases contact with the pedal. ION has learned that a good bike shoe does not depend on grip and also uses a reinforced toe cap to protect the toes against stones.


  • PIN TONIC 2.0: new ION outsole with new profile structure & SupTraction Rubber Compound Soul FL
  • ToeTal_Protection & Pre-Shaped Heel: Reinforced toe cap to protect the forefoot in contact with roots or rocks. Molded heel counter for maximum comfort and precise fit. Guaranteed excellent heel hold


specification description
area of application All mountain, enduro, trail
Material upper shoe synthetic
Material outsole Rubber, SupTraction Rubber Soul FL
locking system lace closure
pedal system platform
extras Toe Valley Protection
weight approx. 750 g (pair, size 42.0)

scope of delivery

  • 1 pair of ION scrub shoes (see item description for details)
ION Scrub MTB-boty velikost 36.0 root brown
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