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Campagnolo Power Torque OS-Fit 2011 ložiskové misky BB30

31,90 €
43 €
Campagnolo® firmly believes in the oversize bottom bracket but, as is our custom, instead of following the others we have taken our own path, the one that leads to the best outcome. Making the Ultra-TorqueTM crankset oversize would have meant going against its nature and losing the characteristics and performance features that have made it the crankset preferred by cyclists over the last several years. So Campagnolo® decided to take advantage of the effectiveness of that design and modify only the cups. In fact, the new Ultra-TorqueTM OS-FitTM integrated cups have the same bearing seat function of the already well-known Ultra-TorqueTM cups, and replace them to make the Ultra-TorqueTM crankset perfectly compatible with bottom bracket shells with 86.5 mm diameter and with BB30 bottom brackets. In addition, the new OS-FitTM cups are 20 grams lighter than the standard cups.
The new UT-BB140 tool, designed specially by Campagnolo®, is required for fitting the OS-FitTM cups.
  • aluminium
  • integrated cups for oversize shells BB30 and 86,5x41
OS-Fit BB30 68x42 IC11-PT42
Číslo výrobku 51362135
|| EAN/UPC: 8033874117453  || Výrobce-č.výrobku: IC11-PT42
Pár à 31,90

OS-Fit BB30 68x46 IC11-PT46
Číslo výrobku 51362136
|| EAN/UPC: 8033874117460  || Výrobce-č.výrobku: IC11-PT46
Pár à 31,90

Campagnolo Power Torque OS-Fit 2011 ložiskové misky BB30 68x42 IC11-PT42
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