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Bell 4Forty Mips MTB-helma velikost S (52-56cm) matt copper/black model 2018

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velikost S (52-56cm) copper/black 56,90€ 81211247
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The Bell 4FORTY MIPS® bike helmet

Mountain biking is a sporty sport - compromises and compromises on your gear are not a good idea.
Built to withstand the rigors of a lifetime of trail riding, the 4Forty offers generous ventilation, the convenience of our Float Fit system with built-in sweat guide, extended rear coverage, a full hard shell, adjustable visor and built-in option MIPS protection. Full of comfort, protection and many other useful features that are otherwise only offered by helmets that cost twice as much, the 4Forty as a bantamweight for any condition and any type of trail will not buck the heavyweights down the bike helmets.


  • Fusion In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell
  • Float Fit ™ (integrated with MIPS)
  • No-Twist Tri-Glides ™
  • Sweat Guide ™
  • MIPS® (integrated with fit system) (4Forty MIPS)
  • 363 g (MIPS)
  • S 52-56 cm, M 55-59 cm, L 58-62 cm, XL 61-65 cm

Applied technologies

In this chapter, we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

Fusion In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell
The EPS foam is injected into the thin Microshell shell while it is still in the mold (or the "mold", which explains the name) is, instead of forming them separately and stick later. This process was first introduced by Bell and is today the standard for all sophisticated helmets.

Float Fit ™
Bell's most advanced helm adjustment system combines comfort and safety in an ultra-lightweight design. Float Fit ™ optimizes the fit of the helmet in 2 ways - in terms of head circumference and vertical adjustment. In order to reduce weight and to simplify the operation, the guide arms uniquely enclose the back of the head thanks to the "Float" design. This puts the helmet in an ideal position on the head. Simple, easy and comfortable.

goggleguide ™ adjustable visor
The adjustable GoggleGuide ™ Visor System holds the goggles securely in place. The visor can be easily pushed upwards and offers enough space on the helmet to "park" the glasses on the helmet. If you are traveling without a visor, the short goggle retention arms are used. They hold the spectacle strap securely in place and prevent the glasses from slipping upwards.

No-Twist tri-glides ™
It depends on the details. Our latest harness system is easy to adjust, keeps the straps flat and prevents them from twisting - which also helps to take a few watts from the wind.

Sweat Guide ™
The Sweat Guide ™ pad wicks sweat away from the eyebrows and sunglasses.

Integrated MIPS®
By integrating the MIPS film into the helm fitting system, Bell is able to reduce complexity and weight. This allows them to develop more compact helmets, which are closer to the head and also have better ventilation.

MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) is a helical intra-helmet glide plane system designed to slow down or prevent the amount of energy being transmitted head-on or head-on.


  • 1x Bell 4Forty Mips MTB-Helmet Mod. 2018 (see item description for details)
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