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Assos Mille GT Windjacke Herren

vč. 21% DPH Doprava zdarma do CZplus přepravní náklady.


Číslo výrobku
Gr. L visibilityGreen 127,10€ 95236496
Gr. M visibilityGreen 127,10€ 95236497
Gr. S visibilityGreen 127,10€ 95236498
Gr. XXXL (TIR) visibilityGreen 127,10€ 95236499
Gr. XL visibilityGreen 127,10€ 95236500
Gr. XXL (XLG) visibilityGreen 127,10€ 95236501
Gr. XS visibilityGreen 127,10€ 95236502
Gr. L blackSeries 127,10€ 95236489
Gr. M blackSeries 127,10€ 95236490
Gr. S blackSeries 127,10€ 95236491
Gr. XL blackSeries 127,10€ 95236493
Gr. XXL (XLG) blackSeries 127,10€ 95236494
Gr. XS blackSeries 127,10€ 95236495
Gr. L lollyRed 127,10€ 95237092
Gr. M lollyRed 127,10€ 95237093
Gr. S lollyRed 127,10€ 95237094
Gr. XXXL (TIR) lollyRed 127,10€ 95237095
Gr. XL lollyRed 127,10€ 95237096
Gr. XXL (XLG) lollyRed 127,10€ 95237097
Gr. XS lollyRed 127,10€ 95237098
  • Material: 80% Polyester, 14% Polyamid, 6% Elasthan
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The Assos blitzJacket Mille GT windbreaker for men

Our windproof jacket for the entry-level price is limited to the essentials and still lacks nothing. We have refined the construction and the textiles used to provide maximum functionality and protection at a very attractive price. The design with our high-performance textile 'Foil Ultra' offers you the highest protection against the elements as well as an ultra-small pack size, so that you can always carry the jacket in your back pocket. It's from our Foil Ultra

Textile made, which has proven itself in various remarkable products from our year-round climaX range. The side panels are made from our windproof glossy and a brand new dual-layer construction on the neck enhances the elasticity and comfort of riding immensely.

How to use your product properly

You get a tiny foldable, ultra-light, water-repellent shell that you can easily take in the back pockets of your jersey. The vest in a revised regular Fit cut provides you with ideal comfort, protection, minimum volume and maximum performance for your daily miles. It's designed to provide you with adequate protection from the cooler moments on your ride. We all know the moments when you start in cool conditions in the early morning and then exposed to windy sequences or moments when the weather suddenly changes. Our ambition was to offer you a product that offers both high performance and performance

yet folds ultra-small to fit perfectly in your back pocket when you do not need it. We wear it as an extra layer over a skinFoil Baselayer and a jersey.


  • regularFit: Less aggressive than our racingFit but more compact than our comfortFit fit. Our regular Fit body mapping design bridges the gap between these two fits as the ultimate balance between comfort and compression.
  • Foil Ultra: A windproof, water-repellent, lightweight fabric made of 100% polyamide.
  • Glossy: Scratch-resistant, windproof textile on the side panels for more elasticity and breathability of the fabric
  • Dual layer neck construction: The double layer of fabric on the neck improves elasticity and comfort.
  • Rustle-free: This garment has been designed to keep you from rustling and allowing you to enjoy your ride in peace.
  • DWR: To ensure that you are dry and comfortable while riding, we have subjected this product to our DWR (Durable Water Repellency) treatment.
  • Full-length zip: Full zip: For on-the-fly outfit tuning.
  • ultra lightweight, ultra packable: As a cyclist, we understand the needs and constraints that you face on every trip. With limited pocket space and the need to accommodate the essentials, we have worked diligently to create products with the lowest possible weight and good packability. Since no one wants to feel like a pack-eagle on rides in changeable conditions, we have tried to balance the weight, volume and performance. Our approach is always,
  • Making pieces that will exceed expectations, like your back pocket insurance in the form of this shell. This approach involves minimal volume and minimal seams.


  • 1 x Assos Mille GT windbreaker men (see item description for details)
Assos Mille GT Windjacke Herren Gr. L visibilityGreen
Assos Mille GT Windjacke Herren Gr. L blackSeries
Assos Mille GT Windjacke Herren Gr. L lollyRed
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