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Look Značkový obchod

O značce Look

LOOK inventor of the automatic pedal is worldwide market leader of automatic pedals for the street. Its company policy in line with research and development has brought the INPI trophy for the most innovative company in France to Look in 2009. LOOK has also been priced four times in a row with the price for the best bike of the year in France and has won the price „Etoile du Design“ several times as well as in 2010 the IF Design Award in Germany.

LOOK has a unique experience and know-how in the area of conception and manufacture with carbon fiber. The independent company from Nevers in France has kept its headquaerter in Nevers where LOOK implements the entire planning and development of its products as well as the production. LOOK currently employs around 420 employees worldwide.

O Look-značkovém obchodě

Ve Look-značkovém obchodě od HIBIKE najdete vesměs 29 různé výrobky za za bezkonkurečně nízké ceny v mezinárodní dopravě:
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  • Příslušenství k představcům / náhradní díly
  • Silniční pedály
  • Silniční pedály & příslušenství
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