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Continental Krypcelkový-R Downhill Soft 29" plášte kevlar 60-622 (29x2.40) cerná/cerná skin

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Continental Krypcelkový-R Downhill Soft 29" plášte kevlar 60-622 (29x2.40) cerná/cerná skin 41380145 65,99€
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Specialist in mixed terrain and conditions

The profile design was specially developed for rear wheels and promises the best performance with rear-wheel-specific requirements for braking, traction and directional stability.

The balanced relationship between a positive profile and open areas enables the best performance in complex terrain. Advantage: perfect balance between grip, self-cleaning, adaptability and running properties.

The combination of steep and gentle inclines is ideal for use on mixed and loose terrain. For a balanced relationship between harmonious, easy running and power transmission.


  • 6/660 tpi downhill carcass for high durability and puncture protection
  • Apex for high puncture protection
  • Tire compound with BlackChili
  • Suitable for tubeless ready - optimized foot area for reliable sealing
  • Foldable aramid core
  • Cross-woven netting tape protects the tire and rim area
  • Made in Germany

Technical specification

specification description
area of application downhill
Type folding tire
Size ETRTO 60-622
size inches 29x2.40"
model line Downhill casing
Compound / rubber mixture Black Chili / Soft
execution E25
Tubeless ready Yes
E-bike approval Yes
TPI / EPI 6/660
Recommended tire pressure 2.5 - 3.5 bars
color black Black
Weight approx. 1290 g

Technologies used

In this chapter we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses in this product.

BlackChili - it's all in the mix
With Continental's unique tread compound, only made in Germany, they have revolutionized the cycling scene. With the legendary BlackChili Compound, Continental was able to answer the eternal question of grip or rolling resistance in the long term.

Regular test victories prove the measurable and noticeable advantages for drivers in the laboratory and on the road. The latest polymers and specially developed carbon black particles and fillers guarantee unique performance.

soft blend
A balanced relationship between grip and rolling resistance for downhill-heavy applications.
An option to optimize the running properties of your rear wheel on a downhill bike or as an optimal combination for enduro or trail rides.

E25 - E-Bike Ready
For e-bike tires, Continental draws on more than 100 years of experience with moped and motorcycle tires. All city/trekking tires reach at least the standard up to 25 km/h. The tires marked with E50 are also approved for S-Pedelecs. With their high-quality construction, they have a high level of puncture protection, low rolling resistance and protection against premature wear due to the additional driving force.

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Continental Kryptotal-R Downhill Soft 29'' folding tire (see item description for details)

Test verdict

Test result: “Gravity Tip” in Freeride 01/2023 (p. 97)

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