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Sigma Sport BC 12.0 WR kolocomputer

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Sports statistician

This SIGMA ORIGINAL likes it sporty and versatile: The BC 12.0 WR offers you twelve functions with which you can always keep an eye on your performance, even on two different bikes. In addition, the wired bike computer provides you with monthly statistics on your performance. A real SIGMA ORIGINAL with lots of sophisticated functions!

Versatile thanks to twelve functions

The BC 12.0 WR is the ideal companion for all your cycling adventures. It can be used for two wheels, keeps monthly statistics and also shows you the current temperature.

The temperature at a glance

Anyone who is out and about wants to know about the weather. The BC 12.0 WR has an integrated thermometer and always shows you the current temperature.

Stable data transmission

The speed measurement runs smoothly thanks to the direct cable connection between the speedometer and the transmitter. The BC 12.0 WR does not need a battery for radio transmission and your bike computer will run for years without you having to worry about replacing a battery.

Can be used for 2 bikes

Which bike would you like today? Trekking bike, city bike or even the racing bike? If you use different bikes, you can easily use the BC 12.0 WR on your second bike. After a one-time setup, you can select the bike you are currently using on your bike computer. For mounting on the second bike you need another holder.

Predefined tire sizes

Just a few clicks and you're good to go: The BC 12.0 WR can be adjusted effortlessly thanks to the predefined tire sizes, from small children's bikes to 29'' bikes. However, it is also possible to enter the tire circumference with millimeter precision.

Monthly Statistics

When the tour is over, the BC 12.0 WR is far from over. The wired bike computer shows you your personal statistics for the last twelve months. Total distance and travel time can be read. With this "training diary" you can compare your activities on a monthly basis.

Large backlit display

With its slim design and angular shape, the BC 12.0 WR cuts a fine figure on a sporty bike. The display has grown to 31 x 41 mm compared to its predecessor. This creates space for large digits that are easy to read while driving. Extremely practical: The intelligent bike computer is equipped with a backlight so that you can easily read your values even in the dark. The current speed is permanently displayed on the BC 12.0 WR, the second value can be selected individually.

Easy handling

The setting and operation of the bike computer is done with three buttons and is intuitive. You can use the two lower buttons to conveniently scroll between the individual functions. The menu button takes you directly to the settings and the monthly statistics. Practical: Thanks to the integrated start/stop function, your ORIGINAL starts measuring automatically as soon as you start your tour and stops when you take a break or end your tour.

Mounting with cable

The bracket of the BC 12.0 WR is mounted on the handlebar or stem with two cable ties. The speed transmitter is also attached in this way. The computer receives all the necessary data via cable. Your bike computer can be removed at any time, easily stowed away and just as quickly on the bike again.

For order and a perfect view: The Over Clamp Butler

You can also attach your BC 12.0 WR to your bike with the SIGMA Over Clamp Butler, which is available as an accessory. It ensures space, order and an optimal view of your device. The BC 12.0 WR can be secured against theft with a screw. The Butler fits handlebars with a diameter of 31.8 mm and 35.0 mm.

Long butler for a sporty sitting position

The Long Butler creates more distance to the handlebars - and is an advantage with a sporty sitting position. The bracket can be mounted on handlebars with a diameter of 25.4 mm and 31.8 mm in just a few simple steps. Here, too, the bike computer can be fixed with a screw to prevent theft.

Saves your multi-day tour

The BC 12.0 WR measures exactly how long you sat on the bike during your tour and how far you got with it. With it you can easily measure the route and driving time of a multi-day cycling holiday.

Reliable and economical

A button battery (CR 2450) supplies your BC 12.0 WR with energy for more than two years on all your tours, charging is not necessary. When changing the battery, an integrated memory chip saves all total values and settings.

Waterproof and weatherproof

The wired BC 12.0 WR is waterproof and can take part in all cycling adventures in wind and weather.

language genius

The BC 12.0 WR is a little language genius: Whether English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch or Polish - seven languages can be selected in the full text display.


  • Full text display in seven languages
  • Predefined tire sizes
  • Automated start/stop
  • Data storage after battery change (total values and settings)
  • Waterproof according to IPX8
  • Service interval adjustable (at the dealer)


specification description
Dimensions (W x L x H) 600x140x440mm
weight about 98g
display size 31x41mm
display type Black and white, backlit
rechargeable battery / battery CR2450
touch screen no
protection class IPX8
data transmission Wired, 90 cm cable length
Wheel size adjustable via tire type Yes
Auto start/stop unrestricted Yes
Languages selectable 7 (DE, EN, FR, IT, ES, NL, PL)
Comparison current / avg. speed Yes
Total ride time Yes
average speed Yes
Service interval adjustable (at the dealer) Yes
Data storage after battery change (total values and settings) Yes
Training statistics 12 months Yes
Can be used for 2 bikes Yes (second bracket optional)
Battery level indicator computer Yes
basic function
speed Yes
Maximum speed Yes
distance Yes
time Yes
driving time Yes
total distance Yes
status function
Current temperature Yes

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Sigma Sport BC 12.0 WR bike computer (see item description for details)
  • 1 x battery
  • 1 x bracket including mounting material
  • 1 x spoke magnet
  • 1 * Instruction Manual
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