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Specialized 2FO svorka 2.0 MTB-boty

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velikost 38.0 black 162,59€ 92785851
velikost 39.0 black 162,59€ 92785852
velikost 40.0 black 162,59€ 92785853
velikost 41.0 black 162,59€ 92785854
velikost 42.0 black 162,59€ 92785855
velikost 44.0 black 162,59€ 92785857
velikost 45.0 black 162,59€ 92785858
velikost 46.0 black 162,59€ 92785859
velikost 47.0 black 162,59€ 92785860
velikost 48.0 black 162,59€ 92785861
velikost 49.0 black 162,59€ 92785862
velikost 36.0 black 162,59€ 92786260
velikost 37.0 black 162,59€ 92786261
velikost 39.0 rocket red 162,59€ 92785863
velikost 41.0 rocket red 162,59€ 92785865
velikost 42.0 rocket red 162,59€ 92785866
velikost 43.0 rocket red 162,59€ 92785867
velikost 44.0 rocket red 162,59€ 92785868
velikost 45.0 rocket red 162,59€ 92785869
velikost 46.0 rocket red 162,59€ 92785870
velikost 47.0 rocket red 162,59€ 92785871
velikost 48.0 rocket red 162,59€ 92785872
velikost 49.0 rocket red 162,59€ 92785873
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The Specialized 2FO Clip - the MTB shoes of the pros

In keeping with the needs of their Pro Downhill riders Loïc and Finn, Specialized the 2FO Clip 2.0 for just one purpose - to win races. But premium downhill and trail shoes need more than just protection and stiffness. They also need to be lightweight, dry faster and sit securely both on- and off-pedal. The 2FO Clip 2.0 meets all of these requirements and also has all the Body Geometry components that allow you to align your hips, knees and feet to get the most out of every pedal turn. Loic's four World Cup victories and a world title speak for themselves.

Body Geometry outsole and footbed are ergonomically designed and medically tested. They promote a clean vertical pedaling movement, which increases performance and well-being and prevents injuries

Foam material in the area of the instep protects the foot

XPEL Air Mesh on tongue and upper protects and dries quickly

The Landing Strip ™ cleat recess is optimized for effortless, fast entry and exit

Stiff Lollipop ™ inner plate for stable pedaling, edged with soft EVA material for cushioning and safe running

4 mm longer cleat rails allow for further rearward cleat mounting

Relaxed Fit combines direct power transmission and high comfort when pedaling and running

Two-bolt hole stitch, suitable for all common MTB pedal systems

Weight / Shoe: approx. 350 g (size 42)


  • 1 pair of Specialized 2FO Clip 2.0 MTB shoes (see item description for details)
Specialized 2FO svorka 2.0 MTB-boty velikost 38.0 black
Specialized 2FO svorka 2.0 MTB-boty velikost 39.0 rocket red
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