Whatever you want to take with you, Urban Arrow has plenty of room for you in its various, modern e-cargo bikes. Here are the kids (or other precious goods) not in a trailer behind you, no, they are right in the middle. To be precise, the wheel is in the back and the transport box in front of you. Urban Arrow are new complete e-cargo bikes from smart founders in Amsterdam.

The cargo bikes offer a stable ride, are agile and comfortable. With electrical support from Bosch, you are well equipped for all tasks. Whether pizza delivery, other delivery service or the way to the kindergarten with the kids, here everything is conceivable. There are different models available on two or three wheels.

Actually a second car would be necessary for the family? Here you will find a real alternative, an environmentally friendly yet! Urban Arrow has thought of everything. Transport the children and/ or the shopping and do not waste time in traffic jams or looking for a parking space.

Urban Arrow offers not only really large but also smaller versions of its cargo bikes, depending on your requirements. For example, the "Family" model is designed for kids & co, and special cargo models are ideal for deliveries. "The world's first delivery van on two wheels," Urban Arrow calls its special cargo bikes. Already busy in the Netherlands for pizza and co. Discover the new world of transport, here in our shop at top prices.

Urban Arrow was founded in 2010. A fresh company from Amsterdam, which meets the pulse of the times. Electric cargo bikes for environmentally friendly transportation and comfortable transport of precious cargo, whether child or goods.

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