Loose Riders is a cool brand of stylish clothes for your next bike trip. Behind it is a worldwide community. It is pursuing the mission to provide you with information and insider tips for every good bike spot in the world. With information on accommodation, shuttle options and party spots. No matter if in Germany, Thailand, England or Australia. Loose Riders is represented worldwide with more than 30 chapters.

Loose Riders was born from the passion for Gravity Sport. A group of bikers started in 2012 with a Facebook page revolving around the mountains near Chiang Mai in Thailand. An information page for anyone who wants to find out about and exchange information about the bike trails in the region. Shortly thereafter followed other regions, such as Singapore. Now, for the first time, the name "Loose Riders" came into play, the platform was called "Loose Riders Singapore". It became a global alliance.

The big wave was then kicked off by a fun race that the founders organized with riders like Steve Peat, Wyn and Eddie Masters, Sam Dale and Nico Vink . The worldwide interest in Loose Riders was awakened from now on. And those who have team riders also need their own bike clothes. That's when the Loose Riders collection was born. Show that you too are a "Loose Rider" with these cool clothes! Stylish, functional and at an unbeatable value for your money.

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