Fidlock Bottle Twist is a drinking bottle and holder system that makes it easier for the cyclist to drink from his bottle while riding. The Fidlock bottle, which is equipped with a magnet and its counterpart, the minimalist bottle holder, which is attached to the frame, attracts itself magically as soon as they come into contact with each other. Zack and click, ready. All you need is a small twist mechanism and the bottle loosens from the magnetic holder or clicks on it. Thanks to the magnetic connection, the bottle remains firmly fixed to the frame and no classic drinking bottle holder is required. The Fidlock holder itself is inconspicuously attached to the frame. Another benefit: Even the smallest frame triangle can accommodate such a bottle.

The main idea of this all is the need for more drinking during sports. On the other hand, many people feel disturbed by the bottle. Or they find it difficult to detach the bottle while driving or getting it back into its holder. During competition or race the drinking process must be as simple as possible. This is where the Fidlock Bottle Twist comes into play and solves this sort of problem.

Fidlock's headquarter is based in Hannover (Germany). Founded by Joachim Fiedler, Fidlock is a renowned manufacturer of clever closures for everyday use. The Fidlock principle combines the advantages of magnetic and mechanical catches. You can find Fidlock products incorporated into helmets, bags or in the car. In 2017, the bicycle enthusiastic Fidlock team launched its new drinking bottle system, the Fidlock Bottle Twist.

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