Wire bead tire, tire for a trekking or city bike

Whether it's the classic tire for the city bike or a touring tire for your trekking bike: Here you'll find the complete range of wheel sizes for wired-on trekking tires from 16 - 29". The wired-on tire differs from its foldable mate due to the wire mesh inside the tire bead, which gives the tire its shape. Therefore you can't fold the tire. Consequently, a wired-on tire is not an option in an emergency situation when you're on the road, because it can't be stored in the backpack. It has its fixed, round shape. However, the given shape makes it easier to pull onto the rim, which is appreciated by many trekking cyclists.
The intended purpose is critically important in choosing a tire! You should determine what kind of biking tours you take part in most often. After all, breaking onroad circuit race records with bulky trekking tires and using smooth racing tires in an offroad terrain makes little sense. Thus, the first question you'll be asked in a sales talk is "when you go cycling, do you prefer it to be onroad or offroad?" Indecisive customers can purchase all-round tires with the best possible capacity to fulfill all the requirements, but that doesn't mean they can be used universally. It is impossible to score equally in each terrain.
Can you describe the performance you want from a trekking tire? When it comes to trekking tires or even everyday tires, we tend to notice that we often show too little interest in the tire. It is there and it needs to roll, preferably for many years and without trouble. This puts great emphasis on breakdown protection and a high durability for trekking tires. Manufacturers here, such as the established companies Continental, Schwalbe or Michelin, continue to develop new rubber compounds for better performance characteristics as well as protective inlays to ensure durability. Discover our wide range of trekking tires and wired tires for the city bike.

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