Buying road bike tubular tires

True athletes feel at home here. The tubular tire is put to use particularly in the racing domain. The development process may have been quite lengthy, but modern cycling would be unthinkable without this special tire. Due to their highly impressive qualities, tubular tires are utilized at road races as well as in track racing. Minimal rolling resistance, rims as lightweight as possible, and the fact that the tire can't come off the rim, have already convinced racers for many years. As mentioned before, the prerequisite is a wheel rim applicable for tubular tires. Here, the tire is glued onto the rim with an adhesive, the so-called tyre glue (or alternatively, a tubular tape). Because in comparison with the common folding tire or wired-on tire, the tubular tire consists of a sewn tire casing, inner tube and tire all in one. Thus, the tire is more protected from external damage than ordinary tires. In case of an actual breakdown, however, resuming the ride quickly may be unlikely, which is a disadvantage of the glued tires. A repair is most likely not helpful either, as a defective tire needs to be replaced.
Of course there are distinctions when it comes to choosing tubular tires: Cobblestone, for example, requires a different rubber compound than the track surface. It could very well make the difference between winning and losing, especially in the professional sector. Here you'll find innovative tubular tires for racing bikes from well-known manufacturers such as Continental, Tufo or Schwalbe and many more. Get the best quality at a reasonable price here at our road bike tire shop.

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