Road bike tyres: Advantages of foldable tyres

A good weight, little roll resistance, still a solid puncture protection: This is how a solid road bike tyre looks like. What's more, if it is a foldable tyre, then a few further plus points are added:
The advantage of foldable tyres is easily recognizable, instead of a metal wire, a Kevlar® wire (nylon fabric) is incorporated into the carcass. Although this is also a wire netting, it is a flexible one. This enables the folding of the tyre and thus it is definitely the more suitable replacement tyre for your road bike tour - contrary to the typical wired-on-tyre which cannot be folded. Furthermore, the foldable tyre has noticeably less weight. For a road biker, an argument he places emphasis on is saving weight on the wheels, the rotating mass. Is there any disadvantage of the folded tyres? Well, all the advantages mentioned are reflected in the price, the foldable road bike tyre is a bit more cost-intensive than the wired-on-tyre. The bottom line is, a tyre remains a tyre, the function is the same. But nowadays, mainly folded tyres are used on the road bikes in the top class - unless one is set on tubular tyres. The major deciding factors for most road bikers are the weight and transportability. To that end, one is also ready to accept a more complicated installation of the folded tyre, if required.

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