Buy full suspension bike 29-inch

29" full suspension mountain bikes are popular in the fields of cross-country, trail, and all-mountain. The area of use is however even more diverse and extends as far as the field of enduro racing, because there are a few advantages hidden in the big wheels and tyres. On one hand, a 29er mountain bike offers more ride comfort and better contact with the ground (grip) than its "little siblings". On the other hand, you have a significantly more smooth-running bike that does not shy from any rocky or rough root terrain. The (future) owner of a 29-inch full suspension bike will have to mack concessions at narrow, technical passages due to additional weight and handling. You will have to somewhat grapple with the large wheels and the geometry of the 29-inch bike, especially in the acclimatisation phase. Thus an extensive test with a test bike is offered before the purchase. Here you can find our offers from top brands in the shop for 29er full suspension bikes.

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