100% says it all!

If you give everything you save nothing for later, you don't relax, don't take time to catch your breath, you just give your everything - from the start to the finish flag!

In the early eighties out of nowhere this striking 100% logo started to appear on the jerseys and helmets at the SX and the nationals. But not on any drivers… we are talking about Bob Hannah, Ricky Johnson, Johnny O´Mara, David Bailey, Jeff Ward… the crème de la crème of motocross!

It is very rare that a company so strongly convinced that the driver elite themselves decide without any agents, contracts or other terms and conditions to drive their products!
Some of them wore the logo through all their career!
David Bailey still wears it when he contests the Ironman Triathlon. Ricky Johnson still wins off-road truck races the only way he knows. - He gives his everything! Johnny 0´, Bob Hannah and others keep wearing the logo to ensure that it always reminds them of the slogan: “How much effort you put in it?“.

Wheter it is a championchip, another 40 miles on the bike through the lava fields, the beginnign of a marathon or the simple everyday life, if you don't give 100%, you will regret it!

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