UVEX WINTER HOLDING GmbH und Co. KG is a family-run enterprise, now in its third generation. For over 80 years, the Group’s business activities have been centered in the north Bavarian town of Fürth.

Ever since the company was founded in 1926, the Uvex brand has been synonymous with top-quality and innovative products that provide head-to-toe protection for sports, leisure and work.

Our manufacturing expertise is built upon decades of experience and the consistent application of new technologies. The lightest protective glasses in the world, for example, the “Uvex Super G”, weigh just 18 grams.

Most of the manufacturing work is done in Germany and Europe: Uvex is “Made in Germany” by conviction and tradition. In-house expertise and know-how ensure our products are of the highest quality and adhere to stringent safety standards. Research and development work into new materials and processes is also undertaken in Germany and forms an integral part of our company philosophy – protecting people.

Uvex is a global partner on the international elite sports scene, providing equipment for more than 1,000 top athletes. And naturally, useful feedback from these remarkable sportsmen and women in turn provides a great incentive for continuous further development of Uvex' products.

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