As an authentic manufacturer brand SKS-German can look back at a long lasting history. The company got founded by Karl Scheffer Klute (SKS means Scheffer Klute, Sundern) in 1921.

The air-pump fabrication started in 1932. The fabrication of plastic pumps in 1956 was the decisive breakthrough.

In 1983 the adoption of the english traditional brand Bluemels was the entrance in the area of mudguards here called bicycle wheel guards.

In 1999 SKS became pioneer and market leader in this rapidly growing equipment segment because of the development of the first Quick-Release Dirtboard-Set for mountain bikes (Shockboard und X-Tra Dry).

In 2003 the fabrication of chunky Bike Tools started as another product range of the after sales market.

The admission of the fabrication of high innovative chain protections in 2006 describes the consequent development of SKS-Germany to a system deliverer for the modern bicycle industry.

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