Zimtstern was founded in 1995 in the Swiss and has its origin in the idea of developing an alternative to the former range of snowboard wear. The company founders Thomas Meyer and Reto Kuster missed an own european style that was simple but with surprising details. So the common passion for snowboarding was quickly made into a profession and one of the first Swiss snowboard clothing labels arose. What started with a little Do-it-yourself garage label fast developed to a stylistic influential brand which continuously spread over the border of the Swiss.

Zimtstern offers functional and innovative snowboard, skateboard, surf, bike and streetwear as well as equipment. Every collection is newly picked out as a central theme and tells its own little seasonal story. Profile, design and label are constantly fresh created. Art design and individuality are capitalized at Zimtstern. The collections are manufactured after the highest ecological standards. Zimtsten has been priced a number of times for its innovation of the products and the enduring production: ispo Boardsports Award 2008, Breakthrough Brand of the Year 2008, Eco Responsibility Award by ispo 2009 & 2011, ispo Boardsports Award 2010, Kids Products.

Zimtstern counts on its international snowboard, skateboard and bike team which is closely involved in the developing process of the collections.

For us Zimtstern is not only a lifestyle - it is our life.

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