Since 1988 Zipp Speed Weaponry delivers high quality competition wheels to engaged amateurs and professional athletes all around the world. Extraordinary quality, distinguished performance, design and innovation - these are the most important attributes of the zipp wheels. To stay on this high level Zipp develops not only its own materials but is also characterized through innovative product technologies.

Mutual respect, reliability and meticulous focus on detail have been the basic of Zipp's success for about 20 years. The service is one-of-a-kind, the marketing is extremely effective and the distribution channels are chosen carefully. Nothing is left to chance and so the brand is able to grow and to develop. Based on that there will be new products in the future, product categories will be added and the trade networks will become closer so the athlete encounters a perfect service network.

Zipp headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA manufactures its products itself. Zipp is part of the SRAM group.

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