Australians are lucky. The sun in their country shines most of the time, they have funny animals (many of them are able to kill you quickly and painfully) and their country is so big that it is a continent. Because of that they have a lot of good ideas.

In order to save expensive railroad connections they invented the Road Trains. These are trucks with two or three trailers and a huge cargo capacity. It is similar with KNOG (NOG). The bags have much well thought-cargo capacity and can turn you and your bike into a pick-up. And they look very well. Because Road Trains are also on the way at night KNOG offers lighting. From the simple frog to be seen to the flood-lighting Gator in three versions.

KNOG is sexy, sympathic and perfectly fits to your MP3 Player from the company with the apple or the twenty other "Must-Haves" you carry around each day. It was only a question of time until a good bag company came from Australia. Finally, Kangaroos also always carry a bag with them.

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