Crank Brothers

The innovative ideas of Crank Brothers are generated in a little studio in Laguna Beach. Powerde by their inner passion to the bike sport the employees live their work and so brilliant ideas arise from which revolutionary products are developed.
Like this a completely new clipless pedal technology was created that well and truly roughed up the existing market. A clipless pedal system was generated in the form of an eggbeater which enthused the drivers because of its simple construction and its effective functionality.
The EggBeater pedal stands for reliability, mobility and impassivity against dirt. It is the pedal for everyone who counts on the performance of his pedal. Not for nothing racing and mountain bike profesionals all around the worl trust in the technique of Crank Brothers.

The model range offers innovative and functionally optimized solutions for every input and far beyond the pedal technique.
The latest coup of the bike enthusiasts is the creation of a boogie wheel where the wheel proverbially got invented in a new way: with a felloe without spoke holes, spokes hanged up in pairs that are hanged up on extended spoke nipples in the middle of the boogie wheel it guarantees slighter increase in speed at higher stability. Just real innovation.

You want to experience this world of innovation? Then join the world of Crank Brothers..

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