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Schwalbe Magic Mary Evolution SnakeSkin TL Easy Snake-Skin E-25 pláště kevlar 650B) Addix Soft-compound black model 2018

od 37,90 €
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Schwalbe Magic Mary Evolution SnakeSkin Folding 650B / 27.5 "Addix

The favorite of downhill and enduro professionals. The best choice for almost all routes. Intermediate profile: thanks to strong shoulder lugs and the aggressive, open tread design, maximum performance with brake traction and cornering grip even on very muddy surfaces.


  • evolution
  • SnakeSkin
  • TL-Easy
  • addix
  • Addix Soft

Applied technologies

In this chapter, we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

One of the most effective inventions Schwalbe ever made for a mountain bike. Only about 40-50 g heavier is a tire through the SnakeSkin fabric. He is well protected from contact with sharp-edged stones, which slash the sidewall very quickly in lightweight competition tires. SnakeSkin - the best choice in rough terrain!

Tubeless Easy | Level 6
Even better cut resistance, increased penetration resistance and, above all, it enables extremely easy tubeless conversion. The use of sealing liquid is required, but the assembly is otherwise as easy as with real tubeless tires. Long conversion processes with intensive shaking and frequent regurgitation are no longer possible with Tubeless Easy. Tubeless Easy replaces both the previous Tubeless tires and the Tubeless Ready version.

Go to your limits and demand the maximum from your tire. Under extreme stress, he shows his true face: more grip, more speed, more mileage. Experience another dimension. ADDIX - the new compound for all legendary tires of the EVO-Line. ADDIX makes all legendary EVO tires even better. With four mixes Schwalbe responds to all requirements - SPEED, SPEEDGRIP, SOFT, ULTRA SOFT. The names are program, they directly name the character of the compound. All tests in the laboratory and in practice show that ADDIX performs better than any other compound in terms of direct parameters as well as complex properties.

ADDIX SOFT is a compound that bridges many areas. It belongs to the enduro and downhill world as well as to challenging all-mountain and trail riding. It also shines in combinations - more speed: soft front, Speedgrip behind. Or more cushioning: Front Ultra Soft, rear soft. Rolls great and excited by good damping. This is ADDIX Soft. Schwalbe took a deep breath in the Reifenbauer box of tricks to fine-tune both. The result is a compound that is incredibly fun. And much more durable than the previous TrailStar compound. Tip: ADDIX Soft is also ideal for E-MTB. Since it plays its strengths "a lot of cushioning and full grip" fully, and that because of the optimized cooling properties throughout the year!


  • 1x Schwalbe Magic Mary Evolution SnakeSkin TL-Easy Folding Tire 60-584 (27.5x2.35) Addix Soft black-skin Mod. 2018 (see item description for details)

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60-584 (27.5x2.35
Gewicht: 835g (Herstellerangabe)
Číslo výrobku 42948191
EAN/UPC: 4026495817486  |  Výrobce-č.výrobku: 11600539.02
Kus à 37,90

vč. 19% DPH
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57-584 (27.5x2.25
Gewicht: 835g (Herstellerangabe)
Číslo výrobku 42948319
EAN/UPC: 4026495820868  |  Výrobce-č.výrobku: 11600992.01
Kus à 37,90

vč. 19% DPH
plus náklady na dopravu.

Apex 65-584 (27.5x2.60
Gewicht: 1000g (Herstellerangabe)
Číslo výrobku 42948321
EAN/UPC: 4026495814188  |  Výrobce-č.výrobku: 11601010
Kus à 39,90

vč. 19% DPH
plus náklady na dopravu.

Apex 70-584 (27.5x2.80
Gewicht: 960g (Herstellerangabe)
Číslo výrobku 42948323
EAN/UPC: 4026495814263  |  Výrobce-č.výrobku: 11601012
Kus à 39,90

vč. 19% DPH
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Schwalbe Magic Mary Evolution SnakeSkin TL Easy Snake-Skin E-25 pláště kevlar 60-584 (27.5x2.35, 650B) Addix Soft-compound black model 2018
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