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Bell Sixer JoyRide Mips MTB-helma dámské matt model 2018

od 118,99 €
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The Bell SIXER Mips Joy Ride cycling helmet

Mountain Biking is a sport with the most diverse challenges. It requires versatility and some toughness from both the rider and the equipment. By incorporating our integrated MIPS technology, resulting in a sleeker and more accurate fit, the Sixer Joy Ride is our answer to exactly these challenges. Our Float Fit System with its own Sweat Guide represents unprecedented comfort in a cycling helmet. And we've added other features as well: an Integrated Camera / Light Mount, an adjustable Visor and a Strap Grapper for your safety goggles. Finally, we have wrapped the entire helmet with a sturdy hard shell. If you decide to make the backcountry unsafe, the Sixer Joy Ride has been ready for a long time.


  • Dual Flow Ventilation ™
  • Fusion In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell
  • Exposed polycarbonate roll cage
  • Float Fit Race ™ (integrated with MIPS)
  • Sweat Guide ™, X-Static® Padding
  • 395g
  • S 52-56 cm, M 55-59 cm, L 58-62 cm, XL 61-65 cm

Applied technologies

In this chapter, we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

Dual Flow Ventilation ™
Air inlets along the eyebrows provide ventilation and help prevent fogging of the goggles.

Fusion In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell
The EPS foam is injected into the thin Microshell shell while it is still in the mold (or the "mold", which explains the name) is, instead of forming them separately and stick later. This process was first introduced by Bell and is today the standard for all sophisticated helmets.

Internal Roll Cages
A skeleton of composite material reinforces the helmet and allows for both larger vents, as well as a reduction in weight.

Progressive Layering ™
Progressive Layering is a two-layer construction of the inner helmet with different degrees of hardness. By strategically positioning the softer EPS foam on the helmet side and the harder foam on the outside of the helmet, the impact energy in the event of a fall can be better absorbed and distributed.

Float Fit race ™
The latest adjustment system is slim, lightweight and incredibly versatile. Float Fit Race ™ offers a 22 mm height adjustment and additionally a finely scanned width adjustment of the padding at the back of the head. The system is seamlessly connected to the MIPS, which helps the zephyr "disappear" once you put it on.

4-position adjustable visor
The "no-slip" design ensures a reliable adjustment of the height which can also be adjusted while driving with a simple handle.

Integrated Breakaway Camera Mount
Bell's built-in camera mount allows seamless and wobble-free mounting of the portable action camera without the need for double-sided tape or cable ties. The detachable attachment fits perfectly into the ventilation hole at the top of the helmet, keeping the camera in the ideal position and leaving no marks on the helmet after disassembly.

No-Twist tri-glides ™
It depends on the details. Our latest harness system is easy to adjust, keeps the straps flat and prevents them from twisting - which also helps to take a few watts from the wind.

Sweat Guide ™
The Sweat Guide ™ pad wicks sweat away from the eyebrows and sunglasses.

X-Static® and XT-2® Padding
The X-Static® pads are woven with silver threads. Quick-drying and antibacterial they have an anti-odor effect. In addition, the X-Static® pads give the driver a cooling sensation in the heat and a warming sensation in the cold due to their thermal properties.


  • 1x Bell Sixer JoyRide Mips MTB helmet ladies mat Mod. 2018 (see item description for details)
velikost S (52-56cm) navy/cherry
Číslo výrobku 81211226
EAN/UPC: 768686100253
Kus à 118,99

vč. 19% DPH
plus náklady na dopravu.

velikost M (55-59cm) navy/cherry
Číslo výrobku 81211227
EAN/UPC: 768686100260
Kus à 119,90

vč. 19% DPH
plus náklady na dopravu.

velikost S (52-56cm) lead
Číslo výrobku 81211224
EAN/UPC: 768686100215
Kus à 119,90

vč. 19% DPH
plus náklady na dopravu.

velikost M (55-59cm) lead
Číslo výrobku 81211225
EAN/UPC: 768686100222
Kus à 118,99

vč. 19% DPH
plus náklady na dopravu.

velikost S (52-56cm) white/cherry
Číslo výrobku 81211228
EAN/UPC: 768686100291
Kus à 118,99

vč. 19% DPH
plus náklady na dopravu.

Bell Sixer JoyRide Mips MTB-helma dámské velikost S (52-56cm) matt navy/cherry model 2018
Bell Sixer JoyRide Mips MTB-helma dámské velikost S (52-56cm) matt lead model 2018
Bell Sixer JoyRide Mips MTB-helma dámské velikost S (52-56cm) matt white/cherry model 2018
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